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Irish Fairy Tales

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James Stephens (1880-1950) was a Dublin-born writer whose work was a celebration of Irish identity. As a poet and novelist, he pro... Lire la suite
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James Stephens (1880-1950) was a Dublin-born writer whose work was a celebration of Irish identity. As a poet and novelist, he produced original stories and vibrant retellings of classic myths. His most notable titles include The Charwoman's Daughter, The Crock of Gold and The Insurrection in Dublin a bold account of 1916's Easter Rebellion. Stephen's working-class roots and national pride made him a fixture during the Irish Literary Revival alongside peers W.B. Yeats and Padraic Colum.

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A collection of ten fantastical stories featuring noble warriors, medieval kings and enchanted creatures. Irish Fairy Tales, by James Stephens is a beloved adaptation of classic folklore where magic and ancient tradition reigns supreme. Published in 1920, this book is a seminal work that honors Ireland's rich and imaginative history.


Irish Fairy Tales is a selection of mythical stories highlighting themes of love, duty and deception in the magical setting of ancient and medieval Ireland. Each narrative presents internal and external conflicts that test the moral code of its leading characters.

James Stephens explores Ireland's cherished history though the eyes of fabled hunters, soldiers, kings and queens. Many stories feature the Fianna, a group of tribal warriors, and their legendary leader, Fionn mac Cumhaill. Other tales include The Wooing of Becfola, Becuma of the White Skin and Mongan's Frenzy. It's a marvelous display of culture and tradition that balances morality with adventure.

With colorful prose and larger than life characters, Irish Fairy Tales delves into the Fenian Cyclea prominent part of both Irish and Scottish mythology. This spirited retelling captivates readers pulling them into a world of wonder and mystery. It's one of Stephens' most successful works and has been a literary staple for generations.

With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Irish Fairy Tales is both modern and readable.

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