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Mobile IP

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Texte du rabat85624-5 TCP/IP goes mobile! The complete guide to developing, using, and profiting from Mobile IP networks. Mobile I... Lire la suite
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TCP/IP goes mobile!

The complete guide to developing, using, and profiting from Mobile IP networks.

Mobile IP brings together two of the world's most powerful technology trends: the Internet and mobile communications. Whether you're planning to develop, deploy, utilize, or invest in Mobile IP networks, this book delivers the up-to-date information you need-with clarity and insight. Discover:

  • What problems Mobile IP is designed to solve, and how it solves them
  • How to use Mobile IP in real-world intranet and Internet-wide applications
  • How to manage the security issues associated with Mobile IP
  • Business models for delivering commercial Mobile IP services
  • Which technical issues still need work-and possible solutions

In Mobile IP: The Internet Unplugged, the co-chair of the Mobile IP Working Group offers an insider's view of critical Mobile IP concepts like agent discovery, registration, and IP encapsulation. He presents detailed coverage of Mobile IP security, including the role of key management, encryption, authentication, integrity checking, and nonrepudiation. Finally, he presents a compelling vision of the future, where the benefits of standards-based mobile data are available everywhere.

TCP/IP goes mobile, and here is the complete, up-to-date tutorial on Mobile IP for both technical and business professionals. The book shows how to use Mobile IP in real-world campus and Internet-wide applications and reviews the state-of-the-art in Mobile IP network security.

Each chapter concludes with a Chapter Summary.


1. Introduction.

What Is Driving Mobile Communications? What Background Do I Need to Understand This Book? Who Is the Target Audience of This Book? What Is the Purpose of This Book? What Notation Is Used throughout This Book? Are We Talking about IPv4 or IPv6? How Can I Obtain RFCs and Internet Drafts? What Is the Roadmap for the Rest of This Book?

2. Computer Networking Tutorial.

How Do Computers Communicate? What Is the Internet Protocol (IP)? How Does IP Routing Work? How Are Routing-Table Entries Created? Why is Routing Based on Network-Prefix? How Can We Translate Names into Addresses? How Can We Determine Link-Layer Addresses?

3. The Need for Mobile.

What Happens When a Node Changes Link? Can't You Solve This Problem with Host-Specific Routes? Why Not Just Change the Node's IP Address? Can't You Just Solve This at the Link Layer? What If I Only Need Nomadicity?


4. Mobile Overview.

Is Mobile an Official Standard? What Problems Does Mobile Solve? What Is the Scope of the Mobile Solution? What Are the Requirements for Mobile? What Are the Design Goals for Mobile? What Assumptions Does Mobile Make? Where Does Mobile Reside? At a 10,000-Foot Level, How Does Mobile Work?

5. Mobile: The Gory Details.

What Is the Mobile IP Design Philosophy? What Is Agent Discovery? What Is Registration? How Are Packets Routed to and from Mobile Nodes?

6. Tunneling.

What Is IP Fragmentation? What Is IP in IP Encapsulation? What Is Minimal Encapsulation? What Is Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)?


7. Security Primer.

What Do We Mean by Security? What Is Cryptography? What Do We Mean by Confidentiality? What Do We Mean by Authentication, Integriy? How Can We Manage Keys Securely? What Security Protocols Are Used in the Internet? What Are Firewalls?

8. Campus Mobility:.

What Is the Model for This Application? Insider Attacks Mobile Node Denial-of-Service. Theft of Information: Passive Eavesdropping. Theft of Information: Session-Stealing (Takeover) Attack. Other Active Attacks.

9. Internet-Wide Mobility:.

What Is the Model for This Application? Which Threats Are Largely the Same As Before? How Do We Protect a Mobile Node That Is Outside the? How Can Mobile Nodes Traverse the Firewall without?

10. Applying Mobile:.

What Is the Model for Commercial, Mobile Service? What Is Theft-Of-Service? Denial-of-Service Revisited. Motorola's iDEN=81: A Case Study.

11. Other Applications for Mobile.

Support for Other Protocols within the Mobile. Mobile Networks (as Opposed to Mobile Hosts). Mobile as a Layer-2, Tunnel-Establishment Protocol.


12. Mobility for IP Version 6.

How Does IPv6 Differ from IPv4? Which of These Differences Is Relevant to the. Doesn't Address Autoconfiguration Eliminate the. How Does Mobile IPv6 Work? How Does a Mobile Node Determine Its Location? How Does a Mobile Node Inform Other Nodes of Its. How Are Packets Routed to and from Mobile Nodes?

13. Open Issues.

TCP Performance and Mobility. RSVP and Real-Time Traffic. Service Location.

14. Summary and Final Thoughts.

Mobile Summary. The Future of Mobile 307.


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Titre: Mobile IP
Code EAN: 9780138562465
ISBN: 978-0-13-856246-5
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Pearson Academic
Genre: Internet
nombre de pages: 350
Année: 1997