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Czechoslovakia, 1918-92

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Following World War 1 a unique experiment in state-building took place between two closely kindred nations in Eastern Europe; an a... Lire la suite
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Following World War 1 a unique experiment in state-building took place between two closely kindred nations in Eastern Europe; an attempt to build up a composite ethnic - Czechoslovak-nation and provide it with an adequate political framework. This book gives the reader a succinct account of this experiment by means of ethnopolitical, economic and sociological analyses. The book is divided into three parts. The first, written by Jaroslav Krejci, on ethnopolitics explains the rationale of the experiment and reviews its obstacles, successes and failures, due to both internal and external causes. The second part, by the same author, contains an outline of the economic context of ethnic as well as social aspects of the development. As far as possible, the economic structure and performance of the Czech and Slovak parts of the state are given separate attention. The third part, by Pavel Machonin, is entitled `Social Metamorphoses' and covers structural changes in the Czech and Slovak societies. Changes in class structures, stratification, mobility and living standards constitute the main items for consideration. Wherever there is relevant material available, popular opinion on particular issues and electoral results are scrutinized.



Preface - PART A: ETHNOPOLITICS; Jaroslav Krejci - The Wider Context - Composite Nation, Multiethnic State and Parliamentary Democracy - Dismemberment and Restitution: Various Kinds of Authoritarian Rule - The Balance Sheet of Ethnic Changes - Nationalism and Communism in Interplay - Notes - Appendix: Demographic Indicators - Select Bibliography - PART B: THE ECONOMIC CONTEXT; Jaroslav Krejci - The First Republic - Time of Disruption - The Rise and Fall of a Socialist Experiment - A New Start as Two Nations - Notes - Select Bibliography - PART C: SOCIAL METAMORPHOSES; Pavel Machonin - An Overview of the Basic Social Changes - The First Attempt at a Common Social Emancipation - Social Developments during World War II - The Second Attempt at a Democratic Common Life - The Instalment of a Totalitarian and Egalitarian Social System - Reform Attempts - The `Normalization': A Return to Abnormal - The Post-Communist Social Transformation - References - Index

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Titre: Czechoslovakia, 1918-92
Code EAN: 9780333604755
ISBN: 978-0-333-60475-5
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Springer Palgrave Macmillan
Genre: Médias et communication
nombre de pages: 266
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Année: 1998
Auflage: 1996

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