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From Phenomenology to Thought, Errancy, and Desire

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For both continental and analytic styles of philosophy, the thought of Martin Heidegger must be counted as one of the most importa... Lire la suite
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For both continental and analytic styles of philosophy, the thought of Martin Heidegger must be counted as one of the most important influences in contemporary philosophy. In this book, essays by internationally noted scholars, ranging from David B. Allison to Slavoj Zizek, honour the interpretive contributions of William J. Richardson's pathbreaking Heidegger: Through Phenomenology to Thought. The essays move from traditional phenomenology to the idea of essential (another) thinking, the questions of translation and existential expressions of the turn of Heidegger's thought, the intersection of politics and language, the philosophic significance of Jacques Lacan, and several essays on science and technology. All show the influence of Richardson's first study. A valuable emphasis appears in Richardson's interpretation of Heidegger's conception of die Irre, interpreted as Errancy, set in its current locus in a discussion of Heidegger's debacle with the political in his involvement with National Socialism.

Preface. I: Essays on the Early Heidegger, the Late Heidegger, the Kantian Legacy, Heidegger I/II, the Beiträge. Through Phenomenology to Concealment; G. Nicholson. Authenticity, Poetry, God; K. Harries. The Power of Essential Thinking in Heidegger's Beiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis); G. Kovacs. Raising Atlantis: The Later Heidegger and Contemporary Philosophy; D. Kolb. Surplus Being: From Kant to Heidegger; R. Kearney. Existenz in Incubation Underway toward Being and Time; T. Kisiel. `Gelassenheit' bei Heidegger und Meister Eckhart; F.-W. von Herrmann. Heidegger I, Heidegger II, and Beiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis); P. Emad. Reticence and Resonance in the Work of Translating; K. Maly. Das Gewesen: Remembering the Fordham Years; T. Sheehan. II: Through Phenomenology to Thinking: The Turning of the Existential Question. Die existenzdialektische Grundvoraussetzung der Verzweiflungsanalyse Kierkegaards; M. Theunissen. Profile; G.C. Moneta. The Turn; J. Stambaugh. The Call; J.M. Anderson. Letter to Bill Richardson; C.E. Scott. Ein Versuch über Herkunft und Zukunft in der `Frömmigkeit des Denkens' im Hinblick auf Martin Heidegger; M. Müller. Desire - (The) Passion; A. Peperzak. III: The Political and the Philosophical: Arrant Errancy. Dark Hearts: Heidegger, Richardson and Evil; J.D. Caputo. Heidegger's Fall; W.J. Richardson, S.J. `I Will Tell You Who You Are.' Heidegger on Greco-German Destiny and Amerikanismus; R. Bernasconi. The Uses and Abuses of Aristotle's Rhetoric inHeidegger's Fundamental Ontology: The Lecture Course, Summer 1924; P.C. Smith. Power, Language and Desire; S. IJsseling. On Empty and Full Speech: Intelligibility and Change in the Public World; J. Bohman. Reading the Case of Christopher; D.B. Allison, M.S. Roberts. IV: The Ethics of Desire: Philosophy and Psychoanalysis. Lacan and Heidegger: The Ethics of Desire and the Ethics of Authenticity; R.M. Capobianco. `Now You See It ...'. The Dynamics of Presence and Absence in Psychoanalysis; R. Boothby. Myth, Ritual, Desire and Gender; J.H. Smith. Adaequatio Sexualis: Is There a Measure of Sexual Difference; C. Shepherdson. Schreber and Hölderlin: The Concept of `A-Father'; W. Ver Eecke. Hegel, Lacan, Deleuze: Three Strange Bedfellows; S. Žižek. Ontical Craving versus Ontological Desire; M. Zimmerman. V: Psychoanalysis, Science, and the World: Calculation, View, Transfiguration. Reflections on the `Foundations' of Psychology and Psychoanalysis; J.J. Kockelmans. Heidegger and Freud; F. Dallmayr. The Science Thing; D.B. Bergoffen. Heidegger's Longest Day: Twenty-Five Years Later; P.A. Heelan, S.J. Heidegger's Philosophy of Science: Calculation, Thought and Gelassenheit; B.E. Babich. The World as a Whole; A. Lingis. Supplement. Martin Heidegger (Full text of a reference article originally prepared for the Supplement to the Encyclopaedia of Philosophy); W.J. Richardson, S.J. Contributors. Index.

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Titre: From Phenomenology to Thought, Errancy, and Desire
Code EAN: 9780792335672
ISBN: 978-0-7923-3567-2
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Springer Netherlands
Genre: Philosophie
nombre de pages: 640
Poids: 1140g
Taille: H40mm x B235mm x T155mm
Année: 1995
Auflage: 1995

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