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The Grey Woman and Other Tales

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Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell (1810-1865) was an English author who wrote biographies, short stories, and novels. Because her work of... Lire la suite
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Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell (1810-1865) was an English author who wrote biographies, short stories, and novels. Because her work often depicted the lives of Victorian society, including the individual effects of the Industrial Revolution, Gaskell has impacted the fields of both literature and history. While Gaskell is now a revered author, she was criticized and overlooked during her lifetime, dismissed by other authors and critics because of her gender. However, after her death, Gaskell earned a respected legacy and is credited to have paved the way for feminist movements.

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Tales of murder and mystery intertwin with sentimental holiday stories in this eclectic collection. The Grey Woman and Other Tales by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell is a collection of short fiction with varying genres. With thrilling, suspenseful, sentimental and moral narratives, Gaskell's Victorian gothic tales proves that she can master any genre.


All set in 19th century England, Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell's The Grey Woman and Other Tales feature thrilling tales of suspense and morality. Disappearances follows the investigation of a case of six men disappearing without a trace. Unsure whether to suspect a runaway, foul play, or the supernatural the case unfolds to reveal even more disappearances. Adopting a tone similar to a documentary, Disappearances sheds light on the methods of Victorian detectives in a time when DNA profiling was considered science fiction. The eerie tone is lightened by Christmas Storms and Sunshine, a heart-warming holiday tale of tolerance and positivity. Two families find themselves at odds as they each run a newspaper for a different political party, often trying to discredit the other. This animosity is especially strong between the wives. However, when one of their children fall ill, the wives team up to care for the baby, nurturing a new relationship in the process. Finally, the title story, The Grey Woman, tells a thrilling tale of murder and narrow escapes. Primarily told through a letter, The Grey Woman follows a young woman named Anna who was rushed into a terrible marriage. Soon Anna discovers how horrible her husband is proving the doubts she had before the she was pressured into the union. When his murderous rage makes Anna a target, her handmaid, Amante rushes to her safety. On the run and in disguise, Anna and Amante work together to outsmart and overcome Anna's abusive and violent husband.

Exploring a variety of genres, The Grey Woman and Other Tales is a thrilling collection of short fiction that remains to be a testament to Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell's genius and talent. While the narratives range from heart-pounding horrors to heart-warming holiday tales, each story within The Grey Woman and Other Tales feature a lesson of morality and raises reflective questions that leaves the audience pondering long after the narrative is finished.

This edition of The Grey Woman and Other Tales by the prolific and esteemed 19th century author, Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, features a new, eye-catching cover design and is printed in a stylish font, making it both readable and modern.

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Code EAN: 9781513271378
ISBN: 978-1-5132-7137-8
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Parution: 09.02.2021
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