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Electrode Processes in Solid State Ionics

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Ajaccio, Corsica, August 28-September 9, 1975The idea of an "Advanced Study... Lire la suite
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Ajaccio, Corsica, August 28-September 9, 1975

The idea of an "Advanced Study Institute" on the theme of electrode reactions on solid electrolytes was put forward by Dr. J. Dupuy at the meeting of the International Society for Electrochemistry in Eindhoven in September 1973. Through Dr. Dupuy, the Solid State Physics Department of Lyons University offered the Institute possibilities of accommodation in Corsica that seemed particularly tempting. The subject matter appealed to a number of people for a variety of reasons. A great deal of development work on applications comes up against interface phenomena which appreciably reduce anticipated performances. Numerous potential applications of specific electrodes or gauges appear that would benefit from a more systematic approach. From a more fundamental viewpoint, interface phenomena on ionic crystals are the subject of indepen dent investigations in quite distinct research fields such as solid state physics and electrochemistry. The choice of an interpretation from among the different models available is very often not a straightforward matter, and an attempt to promote a synthesis by bringing together the proponents of the various "schools" could not fail to be rewarding.

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Ajaccio, Corsica, August 28-September 9, 1975


- Descriptions of Junctions between Electronic and Solid Ionic Conductors.- Structure and Energetics of the Ionic Surface.- Adsorption and Catalysis on Ionic Solids.- Structure and Defects at Ionic Crystal Surfaces.- The Electrochemical Double Layer in Solid Electrolytes.- Space Charge Polarisation.- Polarization Studies on Solid State Electrolytes.- Electrode Reactions at Electrode-Solid Electrolyte Interfaces. Use of Electroanalytical Techniques.- Impedance Diagrams for Solid Electrolyte Cells.- Ion Transfer at the Interface between an Electronic and Ionic Conductor.- Contacts on Ionic Solids.- Electrochemical Coloration and Redox Reactions in Solid Ionic Conductors.- High Temperature Fuel Cells and Electrolysers.- The Application of Solid State Ionics to Batteries.- Rechargeable Solid Electrolyte Traction Batteries.- Various Utilisations of Solid Electrolytes.

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Titre: Electrode Processes in Solid State Ionics
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Année: 1975
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