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Electrochemistry in a Divided World

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In this collection of interrelated essays, the authors review landmark developments in electrochemistry building on biographic mat... Lire la suite
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In this collection of interrelated essays, the authors review landmark developments in electrochemistry building on biographic material and personal insight. The book facilitates understanding of the innate pathways of developments in electrochemical science as a result of lucky circumstances fitting to objective conditions. Thus the book will help to understand the present state of electrochemistry and offer inspiration for solving today's scientific challenges. The authors as experienced electrochemists from the U.S., Western and Eastern Europe also provide guidance for scientific careers by presenting biographical examples of famous electrochemists.

Fritz Scholz is Professor at the University of Greifswald, Germany. He has founded the Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry (Springer) and serves as Editor-in-Chief since that time. He is also the editor of the series "Monographs in Electrochemistry"(Springer) in which modern topics of electrochemistry are presented. Besides he is author and editor of numerous successful books such as the "Electrochemical Dictionary" or "Electroanalytical Methods". Recently he initiated and became Editor-in-Chief of the first textbook journal in chemistry, ChemTexts (Springer).

"This book attempts to recover this 'lost world' in the field of electrochemistry through the contributions of different authors who present to the reader a summary of the work of researchers in Eastern Europe in the century of the divided world. ... The book provides extensive and documented information on the development of electrochemistry in Eastern Europe during the twentieth century ... . this book built a new bridge-in space and time-between these two worlds." (Antonio Doménech-Carbó, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, Vol. 20, 2016)

Introduction.- A Global View on East Europe's Electrochemistry.- The Development of Polarography as a Component of Czechoslovak Electrochemistry.- The Frumkin Epoch in Electrochemistry.- Stripping Voltammetry in USSR.- Contributions from Electrochemists in Kishinev.- Contributions from Electrochemists in Lithuania.- Contributions from Electrochemists in the Ukraine.- Electrochemical Science in Belarus: High-Temperature Electrochemistry of Solid Electrolytes, Applied Electrochemistry and Photoelectrochemistry of Semiconductors.- The Pioneers of High-Temperature Electrochemistry in the Former USSR.- Catalytic Currents and the Work of Yakov Tur'yan.- The Development of Organic Electrochemistry in the USSR.- Yevgeniya Nikolaevna Varasova - The Woman Who has Transferred Polarography to Russia.- Solid State Electroanalysis - Pioneered in the USSR by Ol'ga Al'fredovna Songina.- Contributions from Electrochemists in Poland.- Hungarian Comets in the Sky of Electrochemistry.- Contributions from Electrochemists in Bulgaria.- Contributions from Electrochemists in Former Yugoslavia.- Solid Electrolyte Potentiometry in East Germany.- Problems of Soviet Scientists to Publish in Western Journals.

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Titre: Electrochemistry in a Divided World
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Année: 2016
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