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Introduction to Teaching

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Don Kauchak has taught and worked in schools in nine different states and in higher education for 40 years. He has published in a ... Lire la suite
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Don Kauchak has taught and worked in schools in nine different states and in higher education for 40 years. He has published in a number of scholarly journals, including the Journal of Educational Research, Journal of Teacher Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Phi Delta Kappan, and Educational Leadership. In addition to this text, he has co-authored or co-edited six other books on education. He has also been a principal investigator on federal and state grants examining teacher development and evaluation practices, and presents regularly at the American Educational Research Association. Don strongly believes in the contribution that public schools make to our democracy, and his two children benefited greatly from their experiences in state-supported K-12 schools and public institutions of higher education.


Paul Eggen has worked in higher education for 35 years. In addition to his duties there, he spends a great deal of time working as a consultant to public schools in his university's service area, and he has provided support to teachers in 12 different states. Paul has also worked with teachers in international schools in 23 countries around the world, including schools in Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, Central America, South America, Europe, and Japan. He has several articles published in national journals, is the co-author or co-editor of six books in addition to this one, and is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences. Paul is strongly committed to public education. His wife is a middle school teacher in a public school, and his two children are graduates of public schools and state-supported universities. 

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Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional, the best-selling, case-based text for beginning education students, provides a look at the real world of students, teachers, classrooms, and schools. Engage your students through authentic case studies that provide a framework for chapter discussions and relate chapter topics to the real world of teaching. The fourth edition offers a strong focus on standards, assessment, and diversity while keeping its well-known coverage of professionalism and decision making.


The fourth edition helps students to examine their beliefs, make decisions, and:

Develop as a Professional Educator:

  • This I Believe- Students are encouraged to assess their beliefs about critical issues.
  • Taking a Stand in an Era of Reform - Students learn about current reform issues and develop a stance through assignments available on this text's online resource - MyEducationLab.
  • Decision-Making: Defining Yourself as a Professional - Students consider how to handle a teaching situation and reflect on its implications for their development as a professional educator.


Understand and Celebrate Today's Diverse Classrooms:

  • Three Chapters on Diversity:
    • Chapter 3 Changes in American Society: Their Influences on Today's Students
    • Chapter 4 Student Diversity: Culture, Language, and Gender
    • NEW! Chapter 5Student Diversity: Development, Ability, and Exceptionalities
  • EXPANDED! Teaching in Urban Environments - Students are introduced to the challenges and rewards of teaching in an urban setting.
  • Exploring Diversity- This feature promotes student reflection on important diversity issues and how those issues affect classrooms, and is accompanied by MyEducationLab assignments.


Understand and Learn About Current Issues in Education Today:

  • NEW!Chapter 14 Assessment, Standards, and Accountability
  • NEW! Integrated discussion of technology in every chapter- Students can now view technology as a piece of the instructional and learning process rather than a separate entity.
  • NEW! Coverage of current topics: President Obama's plan for education, 21st century skills, merit/performance pay, cyber bullying, middle school grade dilemma, urban mayoral takeovers, technology access issues, and more!


Prepare with the Power of Classroom Practice.

•  Take Practice Tests for each chapter of your text.
- Completion of each practice test generates a study plan that is unique to you.
-  The study plan links to text excerpts activities with feedback, and videos and other media that can help you master concepts covered in your text.
• Complete Assignments and Activities to apply text content to real classroom situations.
•  Authentic classroom video shows real teachers and students interacting, and helps prepare you for the classroom.
•  Explore the Building Teaching Skills and Dispositions exercises to practice and strengthen the skills that are essential to teaching.
•  Case studies offer real-life perspectives on common issues and challenges faced in the classroom.
•  Authentic student and teacher classroom artifacts provide you with the actual types of materials encountered every day by teachers.

To order this book WITHOUT MyEducationLab use this ISBN: 9780137012329. 

To order this book WITH MyEducationLab use this ISBN: 9780131381278. Click here to learn more about MyEducationLab.



Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional, Fourth Edition, introduces beginning education students to the real world of teaching, providing education students with an honest look at the students, classrooms, and schools they'll encounter.


Three themes central to teaching today-professionalism, diversity, and reform -are woven through the text to give students deeper understanding of and better preparation for the teaching profession. Two central questions frame the text: “Do I want to be a teacher?” and “What kind of teacher do I want to become?” provide students a core examination of key topics. The fourth edition continues to provide a comprehensive and readable introduction to the teaching profession.


With the most comprehensive coverage of diversity in the introduction to education market, the Fourth Edition introduces a new Chapter 5 Student Diversity: Development, Ability, & Exceptionalities that explains how developmental differences affect both teachers and students. This edition now provides three diversity chapters and an Exploring Diversity feature in every chapter. Teaching in urban settings discussions in seven chapters introduces the challenges and rewards of teaching in an urban setting and are set off by a marginal icon.


Also, new Chapter 14 Assessment, Standards, and Accountability provides a comprehensive and current overview of issues surrounding these important topics.  A focus on technology integration within seven chapters provides a direct connection between the chapter content and technology.  In addition, MyEducationLab provides opportunities for active student involvement and realistic looks at the world of teaching.





Introduction to Teaching, 4e Table of Contents



Part I               The Teaching Profession


Chapter 1        Do I Want to Be a Teacher?


Chapter 2        Developing as a Professional


Part II              Students


Chapter 3       Changes in American Society: Their Influences on Today's Students


Chapter 4       Student Diversity: Culture, Language, and Gender


Chapter 5       Student Diversity: Development, Ability, and Exceptionalities


Part III            Foundations


Chapter 6       Education in the United States: Its Historical Roots


Chapter 7       Educational Philosophy: The Intellectual Foundations of American



Chapter 8       The Organization of American Schools


Chapter 9       Governance and Finance: Regulating and Funding Schools


Chapter 10     School Law: Ethical and Legal Influences on Teaching


Part IV            Teaching


Chapter 11     The School Curriculum in an Era of Standards and Accountability


Chapter 12     Creating Productive Learning Environments: Classroom Management


Chapter 13     Instruction in Today's Schools


Chapter 14     Assessment, Standards, and Accountability


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Titre: Introduction to Teaching
Code EAN: 9780137012329
ISBN: 978-0-13-701232-9
Format: Couverture cartonnée
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Année: 2010
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