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Dimitris Kakalidis was born in Athens in 1943. From a young age he delved into philosophy and poetry. His poetic work includes th... Lire la suite
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Dimitris Kakalidis was born in Athens in 1943. From a young age he delved into philosophy and poetry. His poetic work includes the poetic trilogy "The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation", "Fallen Paradise Holy Matter" & "Logos the Third", the poetic collections "Incentives I" & "Incentives II" as well as the book "Alalum and Hallelujah", which he co-wrote with the poet Dimitris Karvounis. He has written two volumes with analyses of poems and short stories of contemporary Greek writers, the "Wisdom of the Short Story" and "The Wisdom of the Poem"; he uses an innovative method of analysis which has been described by the Greek spiritual world as a worldwide "first" for Greece. His book "The Revelation of the Entity" is a compact form of his philosophical perception of Humanity and Life. This perspective, along with its practical implementation, is what he conveyed through "Omilos Eksipiretiton" (The Servers' Society), a school of thought that he founded in Athens in 1980. Since then it functions unceasingly, deepening into all philosophical currents and seeking for their essence, with the ultimate goal of improving everyday life of the contemporary human being.
Presentations of his work have been held by the Philological Association "Parnassos", the "Hellenic Literary Society" and "The Panhellenic Union of Writers", while the literary world of the country has received his work and contribution to Greek literature with the most favourable of reviews. He passed away in 1995. Extracts of his books are still being published in literary magazines and poetic anthologies. The pioneering method with which he analyzes the works of poets and writers - the "Kakalidis Method", as the writers themselves have named it - is being presented by Omilos Eksipiretiton in academic and literary conferences internationally. University professors and writers from around the world have shown great interest in this method.

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The book "The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation" is the first part of the poetic trilogy by Dimitris Kakalidis. The trilogy also includes the books "Fallen Paradise Holy Matter" and "Logos the Third".
This specific edition is bilingual; the English translation is on the recto and the original poems in Greek are on the verso side, rendering the books even more appealing to readers that wish to deepen into the concepts and meanings through the poet's original word.
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Code EAN: 9786185223069
ISBN: 6185223066
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Poésie et théâtre
nombre de pages: 174
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Année: 2019