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The Alaskan Laundry

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In waters as far and icy as the Bering Sea, a fierce, lost young woman finds herself through the hard work of fishing and the stub... Lire la suite
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In waters as far and icy as the Bering Sea, a fierce, lost young woman finds herself through the hard work of fishing and the stubborn love of real friendship. Tara Marconi has made her way from Philly to "the Rock," a remote island in Alaska governed by the seasons. Her mother's death left her unmoored, with a seemingly impassable rift between her and her father. But in this majestic, rugged frontier she works her way up the commercial fishing ladder-from hatchery assistant all the way to king crabber. Disciplined from years as a young boxer, she learns anew what it means to work, to connect, and-through an unlikely old tugboat - how to make a home she knows is her own. A testament to the places that shape us and the places that change us, The Alaskan Laundry tells one woman's unforgettable journey back to the possibility of love .


Brendan Jones lives on a tugboat in Alaska and works in commercial fishing. A Stegner Fellow, he received his B.A. and M.A. from Oxford University, where he boxed for the Blues team. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Ploughshares, Popular Woodworking, The Huffington Post, and on NPR.

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A debut novel about a lost young woman who moves to Alaska in search of hard work and ends up finding herself along the way . Tara Marconi has found her way to "The Rock," a remote island in Alaska governed by the seasons and the demands of the world of commercial fishing. She hasn't felt at home in a long while--her mother's death left her unmoored and created a seemingly insurmountable rift between her and her father. But in the majestic, mysterious, and tough boundary-lands of Alaska she begins to work her way up the fishing ladder -- from hatchery assistant all the way to King crab catcher. She learned discipline from years as a young boxer in Philly, but here she relearns what it means to work and to connect. A beautiful evocation of a place that can't help but change us and a testament to the unshakable lure of home, The Alaskan Laundry also offers an unforgettable story of one woman's journey from isolation back to the possibility of love.

quot;This is a truly towering debut novel. Brendan Jones charts new novelistic territory and sends back moving dispatches from the frontiers of the human heart." - Adam Johnson, author of The Orphan Master's Son "This book will pick you up from wherever you are and transport you to Sitka, Alaska; drop you in the hurl of its waves, winds, and weather; educate you in its secret language and slant codes of conduct; introduce you to a cast of characters you don't meet anywhere but the Great North. More importantly, maybe, it will re-convince you of the power of wilderness to heal a human heart."-Pam Houston, author of Contents May Have Shifted , Cowboys Are My Weakness , and others "This novel is a rarity -- a gripping, straight-forward, old-fashioned novel about coming of age (a woman, no less) in Alaska. It is reminiscent of the best of Wallace Stegner."-Richard Ford " The Alaskan Laundry is a gorgeous and powerful novel that succeeds both as a page-turning adventure story and an evocative exploration of the meaning of home. With acute psychological precision and a naturalist's attention to detail, Brendan Jones has created a hauntingly beautiful novel that will stay with me for a long time." - Molly Antopol, author of The Unamericans "A taut, page-turning narrative, an indomitable heroine, and a rich cast of characters-all steeped in a world where you can smell the tang of kelp at low tide, the creak of seiners at their moorings, hear the rustling of the Southeast Alaska rain forest. The Alaskan Laundry plunges the reader into the heart and soul of a unique commercial fishing culture and the story of Tara Marconi, as she struggles for respect, love, inner peace, and a place to call her own. A cinematic tour de force, it offers up an empowering message of hope and resilience."-Nick Jans, author of A Wolf Called Romeo "There are the easy journeys, the ones that take us where we mean to travel, and there are those we shy from, the dark and uncertain treks of the soul. Without flinching, nineteen-year-old Tara ventures from South Philly to the male-dominated "Rock," an island off the coast of Alaska. True to her boxer instincts, Tara comes out swinging, unsure what the island will make of her. As layers of her former life wash away, she proves as raw and tender as the landscape, as striking and unforgettable. A promising debut, true to the core - a novel of grit and redemption." - Deb Vanasse, author of Cold Spell and Out of the Wilderness " The Alaskan Laundry is a novel of bracing air that gets deep into your lungs. As Tara Marconi reinvents herself in Alaska, we see all facets of the American dream of self-reliance and boundless possibility play out on the stage of the Last Frontier. A strong, singular person grows in these pages. Like a protagonist in a Daniel Woodrell novel, she is stubborn, heroic, and capable of anything." - Will Chancellor, author of A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall "A fresh voice in contemporary realism arrives on the scene in this coming-of-age novel. Fierce and flawed, protagonist Tara Marconi leaves the Lower 48 behind to cut her teeth on the Alaskan wilderness, searching for salvation in the notion that 'people come to Alaska to wash themselves clean.' Jones's dynamic love of America's last frontier comes through in spare, gripping prose." - Suzanne Rindell, author of The Other Typist

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Titre: The Alaskan Laundry
Sous-titre: Mariner Books
Code EAN: 9780544325265
ISBN: 978-0-544-32526-5
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: English Books
Genre: Romans et récits
nombre de pages: 336
Poids: 314g
Taille: H208mm x B136mm x T24mm
Année: 2016