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Cowley Road

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Annie Skinner has lived in the Cowley Road area for most of her life. She has a PhD from Oxford Brookes University and is a histo... Lire la suite
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Annie Skinner has lived in the Cowley Road area for most of her life. She has a PhD from Oxford Brookes University and is a historian.

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A history of the development of Oxford's Cowley Road from a 'respectable' white working-class suburb into today's multicultural and bohemian urban landscape.


PREFACE; 1; A CHANGING STREETSCAPE; A Gallop through Time (); Infrastructural Progress (); The "Respectable" Working Class (); Signs of Change (); Asian Migration (); Property Booms (); Students Arrive (); Today's Population (); Religion on the Road (); Interfaith Interface (); Cowley Road Carnival (); Crime and Punishment (); The Seedy Side (); 2; FOR THE GREATER GOOD: PLANNERS VERSUS PEOPLE; Birth of Oxford Transport Strategy (); The Inner Relief Road ();The 1970 Inquiry (); Beyond the Inquiry (); Residents' Uprising (); 3; RETAIL THERAPY: SHOPPING AND SERVICES; Food Shops (); Tesco (); Growing Diversity (); Household Items (); Ironmongers (); Clothes (); Transport (); Businesses and Services (); Health and Education (); Changing Faces (); 4; POWER TO THE PEOPLE: THE POLITICS OF PROTEST; Trade Unions (); The Labour Party (); People's Republic (); The Cooperative Movement (); Other Political Groups (); The Beginning of Community Relations (); Anti-Fascism (); A New Movement (); Environmentalism (); 5; THE COUNTER CULTURE: CAMPAIGNING AND COMMUNITY; Campaigns in Oxford (); Demonstrations (); Oxford Women's Liberation Group (); Gay Politics (); East Oxford Advertiser (); Uhuru (); East Oxford Community Centre (); Coordination in the Community (); 6; FUN AND FROLICS: ENTERTAINMENT AND EATING OUT; Cinemas (); Staying In (); Local Entertainment (); Children's Activities (); Sports (); Eating Out (); The New Excelsior (); Pubs (); East Oxford "Communist Centre" (); The Asian Cultural Centre (); 7; THE ROAD THAT NEVER SLEEPS: FROM THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS TO THE ZODIAC; Live Music in the 1960s (); Solidarity Music (); Shock Rock (); Frock Rock (); Folk Music (); Venue Shortage (); Oxford Rock (); The Zodiac (); National Attention (); Further Reading

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Titre: Cowley Road
Sous-titre: A History
Code EAN: 9781904955108
ISBN: 978-1-904955-10-8
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Signal Books Ltd
Genre: Histoire
nombre de pages: 164
Poids: 232g
Taille: H205mm x B134mm x T12mm
Année: 2005


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