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The Design Philosophy Reader

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Anne-Marie Willis is a design writer, editor and educator. She is currently professor of Design Theory at the German University i... Lire la suite
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Anne-Marie Willis is a design writer, editor and educator. She is currently professor of Design Theory at the German University in Cairo.

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Design Philosophy is becoming increasingly important as the nature of design practice and design education change. The Design Philosophy Reader presents and explains the recent emergence of Design Philosophy, illustrates the main concerns of Design Philosophy and demonstrates why Design Philosophy has emerged in recent years, why it is needed, what it can do, how it can be done and where it is going. Comprised of an eight thematic sections, each with a short introduction, to contextualise theory and highlight its implications, and annotated bibliographies, the Reader presents both an argument for the need for Design Philosophy and an overview of its emergence. With texts ranging from writing on design that is informed by philosophy; philosophically informed writing on culture, relevant to the thinking of design; ancient and contemporary philosophy that directly, or by implication, addresses design; and exegesis and commentary on philosophical texts relevant to design.


Introduction, Anne-Marie Willis PART I: THE ESSENCE OF DESIGN Introduction 1. Design as an Ontological Question, Tony Fry 2. The Designer's Way of Seeing, Vilem Flusser 3. Art, Design, Architecture, Mark Wigley 4. A Cautious Prometheus? A Few Steps Toward a Philosophy of Design, Bruno Latour 5. The Depth of Design, Albert Borgmann Guide to Further Reading PART II: BEING IN A DESIGNED WORLD Introduction 6. Understanding, Ontology, Thrownness and Readiness-to-hand, Terry Winograd and Fernando Flores 7. Throwing Like a Girl: A Phenomenology of Feminine Body Comportment, Motility, and Spatiality, Iris M. Young 8. Body Consciousness: A Philosophy of Mindfulness and Somaesthetics, Richard Shusterman 9. The Thing, Martin Heidegger 10. Is Design Finished? Dematerialisation and Changing Things, Cameron Tonkinwise * 11. Technicity and Publicness: Steps towards an Urban Space, Stephen Read Guide to Further Reading PART III: THE ETHOS OF DESIGN Introduction 12. Artefacts: the Making Sentient of the External World, Elaine Scarry 13. The Object of Life, Aristotle 14. Ethics by Design or the Ethos of Things, Cameron Tonkinwise * 15. Ethics & Design Education, Susan Stewart & Jacqueline Lorber-Kasunic 16. Ethics in the Making, Bodil Jonsson et al * Guide to Further Reading PART IV: DESIGN AS PRACTICE: THINKING, ACTING, MAKING Introduction 17. Is Design Mysterious? Richard Coyne and Adrian Snodgrass 18. Structures, Habitus and Practices, Pierre Bourdieu 19. Practical Wisdom, Aristotle 20. An Art of Thinking: Kant, Michel de Certeau 21. The Complication of Praxis, William McNeill 22. The Existential Self as Locus of Sustainability in Design, Philippe d'Anjou Guide to Further Reading PART V: WHAT TECHNOLOGY DESIGNS Introduction 23. Technology: Instrumental Metaphor and Cybernetic System, Adrian Snodgrass 24. The Question Concerning Technology, Martin Heidegger 25. Rapt in Technology, Aidan Davison 26. The Finite Framework of Language, Michael Heim 27. The Industrialisation of Memory, Bernard Stiegler 28. Technology and Weakness of the Will, Carl Mitcham Guide to Further Reading PART VI: DESIGNED APPEARANCES: AESTHETICS, KNOWLEDGE, SPECTACLE Introduction 29. Age of the World Picture, Martin Heidegger 30. Switchings, Tony Fry 31. The Concept of Imagination, Theodor Adorno 32. The Mass Ornament, D.N. Rodowick 33. The Ideological Genesis of Needs, Jean Baudrillard 34. The Surface of Design, Jacques Ranciere Guide to Further Reading PART VII: DESIGN, CULTURE AND OTHERNESS Introduction 35. Betwixt Design's Others, Tony Fry 36. Design and the Question of Eurocentricity, Samer Akkach * 37. The Force of Form, the Effect of Genre, Francois Jullien 38. Why Not an Alphabet? Lothar Ledderose 39. Heidegger and Zen Buddhism, Fred Dallmayr 40. The Tao and the Logos: Notes on Derrida's Critique of Logocentrism, Zhang Longx Guide to Further Reading PART VIII. RELATIONALITY, CATEGORIES AND DISRUPTIONS Introduction 41. Autopoiesis and Cognition: The Realization of the Living, D. Redel 42. Neuma, Anima and Animation, Tony Fry 43. Spinoza and Us, Gilles Deleuze 44. Kronophobia, Bernd Magnu Guide to Further Reading Bibliography Index

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