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Techno Club Vol. 64

CD, 26.11.2021

Donner la première évaluation
Technoclub Vol. 64, birgt eine Überraschung. Als Winterspecial gibt es diesmal für euch ein ganz besonderes Geschenk. Talla 2XLC h...


Habituellement expédié sous 8 à 10 jours ouvrés.



Disque 1
1SHADOW LEFT BEHIND, (Extended Mix)03:17
2TIBIRA, (Extended Mix)04:38
3LOSE YOURSELF, (Jimmy Chou Extended Mix)04:17
4PETRICHOR EFFECT, (Extended Mix)05:26
5MY FAVOURITE MISTAKE, (Extended Mix)04:51
6APPARITION, (Extended Mix)05:01
7FREE, (Talla 2XLC & Para X Extended Mix)04:52
8GALACTICA, (Extended Mix)05:06
9SCARS, (Fischer & Miethig Remix)04:58
10CELESTIA, (Extended Mix)05:06
11JUST AS YOU ARE, (Extended Mix)04:24
12BABAYAGA, (Extended Mix)05:01
13NO REMORSE, (Extended Mix)03:59
14OPUS 1, (Extended Mix)03:53
15SHINE, (Extended Mix)05:33
16YOU NEVER KNOW, (Extended Mix)04:52
17ETERNAL SPIRIT, (Extended Mix)03:18
Disque 2
1IF THIS IS HOW IT ENDS, (Intro Spotyfy Mix)03:28
2FIND YOUR PARADISE, (Metta & Glyde Remix)05:15
3ADAGIO FOR STRINGS 2021, (Extended Mix)04:34
4ALONE IN YOUR EYES, (Extended Mix)04:34
5VALVE, (Extended Mix)04:48
6KISMET, (Extended Mix)04:34
7ALONE, (Extended Mix)03:46
8RESILIENCE, (Extended Mix)04:37
9WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE, (Extended Mix)04:17
102020, (Extended Mix)04:34
11PEOPLE OF TOMORROW, (Extended Mix)03:53
12FEEL THE TRANCE ENERGY, (Extended Mix)04:06
13FRACTAL WAVES, (Extended Mix)05:36
14WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS, (Extended Mix)04:34
15EUPHORIC RECALL, (Extended Mix)04:06
16SIC PARVIS MAGNA, (Yoshi & Razner Extended Remix)05:01
17FOR ALL TIME, (Extended Mix)06:40
Disque 3
1START AGAIN, (Extended Dub Mix)04:40
2ALWAYS HOPE, (Dan Cooper Extended Remix)04:13
3DESTINATION PARADISE, (Madwave Remix Extended)04:40
4AHIMSA, (Extended Mix)04:52
5BRISEIS, (Extended Mix)04:52
6NEBULA, (Extended Mix)03:42
7LOST IN LOVE, (Madwave Extended Mix)04:40
8ELEVATED, (Extended Mix)03:00
9EPIC ATMOSPHERE, (Extended Mix)04:14
10EMPTY ECHOING, (Stargazers Extended Remix)04:24
11REVOLUTION, (Extended Mix)04:10
12ACCELERANDO, (Extended Mix)03:46
13QANTUM, (2021 Extended Mix)03:44
14INTO THE SKY, (BiXX Extended RemiXX)05:47
15INTOXICATION, (Madwave Remix)04:24
16KEEPS ME HIGH, (Extended Mix)04:24
17KOZMO, (Extended Mix)05:19
18ESCAPE LINE, (Tycoos Uplifting Extended Remix)03:24