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Latest Record Project Vol.1

CD, 07.05.2021



Habituellement expédié sous 2 semaines.



Disque 1
1Latest record project05:07
2Where have all the rebels gone?04:13
3Psychoanalyst's ball05:17
4No good deep goes unpunished03:08
5Tried to do the right thing04:42
6The long con06:59
7Thank god for the blues05:01
8Big lie03:41
9A few bears early04:52
10It hurts me too03:03
11Only a song04:00
12Diabolic pressure05:27
13Deadbeat saturday night03:13
14Blue funk04:23
Disque 2
1Double agent04:53
2Double bind05:23
3Love should come with a warning04:03
4Breaking the spell03:28
5Up county down04:54
6Duper's delight06:12
7My time after a while06:15
8He's not the kingpin04:07
9Mistaken identity04:26
10Stop bitching, do something05:06
11Western man03:32
12They own the media03:12
13Why are you on facebook?04:55