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Hit Me! The Best Of

CD, 16.10.2020

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Disque 1
1Sex & drugs & rock&roll03:12
2Wake up and make love with me04:21
3Sweet Gene Vincent03:32
4Clevor Trever04:57
5Billericay Dickie04:15
6My old man03:38
7I'm partial to your abracadabra03:12
8Plaistow Patricia04:12
10Pam's moods03:38
11If I was with a woman03:25
12Upminster kid05:16
13Billy Bentley (Promenades himself in London)03:00
14Rough kids02:23
15The mumble rumble and the cocktail rock04:38
16The roadette song03:25
17Crippled with nerves03:42
18Blackmail man02:13
Disque 2
1Reasons to be cheerful (Part 3)06:39
2Hit me with your rhythm stick03:43
3What a waste03:25
5I want to be straight03:18
6This is what we find04:10
7There ain't half been some clever bastards03:01
8Waiting for your taxi02:52
9Razzle in my pocket02:56
10You're more than fair02:58
12Common as muck03:57
13Dance of the screamers06:36
14Don't ask me03:18
16Lullaby for franci/es05:05
Disque 3
1Mash it up Harry04:42
2Dance little rude boy04:33
3Sueperman's big sister02:48
4Spasticus Autisticus (Live)04:57
5You'll see glimpses03:39
6F*cking Ada05:59
7Hey, hey take me away02:28
8Dance of the crackpots02:42
9Bed o'roses Nr. 905:17
11Itinerant child04:53
13Jack sh*t George04:20
14I believe03:24
15One love03:29
16England's glory (Demo)03:26