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Live From The Astroturf - Ltd.

CD + DVD, 30.09.2022

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Disque 1
1The Eighth Wonder Of The World... (Intro)00:59
2Caught In A Dream (Mb Vocals)03:19
3Be My Lover (Alice + Ryan Roxie Join)03:30
4Whatever He's Doing It's Illegal (Banter)00:27
5I'm Eighteen03:33
6We Haven't Done This One In About, What, 40 Years? (Banter)00:25
7Is It My Body02:40
8Threatened For A Month (Banter)00:39
9No More Mr. Nice Guy03:08
10I Guess Things Are Getting Better For You (Banter)00:53
11Under My Wheels03:00
12It's A Dangerous Place To Be (Banter)01:15
13School's Out (Chuck Garric Harmonica)03:19
14More Fun Than It's Supposed To Be (Banter)03:17
15Elected (Encore!)03:59
16School's Not Over Until You Vote (Outro)00:53
17Desperado (Soundcheck) (Instrumental Theme From "Live From The Astroturf")03:28
Disque 2
1Documentary Film "Live From The Astroturf, Alice Cooper"03:28
2I'm Eighteen (Music Video) (Live From The Astroturf)03:28
3Under My Wheels (Music Video) (Live From The Astroturf)03:28