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Co-Existing in a Globalized World

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Co-Existing in a Globalized World: Key Themes in Inter-Professional Ethics brings together, and engages with, the scholarly work ... Lire la suite
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Co-Existing in a Globalized World: Key Themes in Inter-Professional Ethics brings together, and engages with, the scholarly work accomplished individually under the banner of professional ethics in various fields. The overarching theme of the volume is that globalization inevitably pairs professionals from distinct fields as co-workers. This necessitates serious reflection on how diverse fields can co-exist and achieve superior results through combining best practices from each. The authors are leading scholars and practitioners who have diverse national and distinguished professional backgrounds. These authors particularly focus on ethical concerns emerging from the inherent symbiotic relationship between cultural boundaries, professions and globalization. Furthermore, they put focused emphasis on ethical compliance with regard to globalization of professional practices into various cultural settings. The fields represented in the volume include international law, comparative education, East-West relations, engineering and bio-medical ethics, research ethics, and international professionalism in a cross-cultural context.

Hassan Bashir is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Texas A&M University at Qatar. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and has received several prestigious fellowships including the Fulbright and the H.B.Earhart fellowships. His broad areas of research interest are Political Theory, International Relations, Ethics and Globalization. His recent work focuses on intercultural political theory, the politics of religion in a comparative perspective and professional ethics. Dr. Bashir is the author of Europe and the Eastern Other: Comparative Perspectives on Politics, Religion and Culture before the Enlightenment (Lexington Books, 2012). He is the Founding Director of The initiative in Professional Ethics at Texas A&M University at Qatar. Under this initiative Dr. Bashir has received several major research grants and organized several major international workshops and conferences in Professional Ethics and Liberal Arts.

Dr. Phillip W. Gray is Visiting Assistant Professor in Political Science at Texas A&M University at Qatar. His research includes analysis of the just war tradition and morality in warfare, comparative public administration ethics, network organization structure of terrorist groups, and comparative perceptions of research integrity and research ethics. He is author of Being in the Just War: Ontology and the Decline of the Just War Tradition, and is co-author (with Sara R. Jordan) of The Ethics of Public Administration: The Challenges of Global Governance. His work has been accepted in journals including Politics & Religion, Terrorism & Political Violence, Ethics & Behavior, and Developing World Bioethics, among others. Before coming to TAMUQ, Dr. Gray taught at various universities in Hong Kong, as well as at the United States Coast Guard Academy.

Eyad Masad is Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and the Director of the Texas A&M at Qatar division of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station. He is also Professor in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University and the Mechanical Engineering Program at Texas A&M University at Qatar. He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas. He teaches courses in engineering and ethics and has organized several workshops on Professional Ethics. He is also the Co-Founder of The initiative in Professional Ethics at Texas A&M University at Qatar.

Hassan Bashir, Phillip W. Gray and Eyad Masad

Chapter 1: Defeasible Logic in Contemporary Bioethics: On the Relevance of both Cauisistry and Islamic Itjihad
Norman K. Swazo

Chapter 2: Globalising Feminist Bioethics of Care
Rosemarie Tong

Chapter 3: Ethical Research in Law and Politics: Methodological Pitfalls
Andrej Zwitter

Chapter 4: Re-visioning International Law Making on Intellectual Property: A Joint East-West perspective
Ahmed Bashir

Chapter 5: The Status of Professional Engineering Ethics: Evolution and Challenges
Sikander Ahmed Shah

Chapter 6: Must the Camera Add 20 Pounds of Ethics? Reconsidering Ethics for Human Participants Research in the Visual Social Sciences
Sara R. Jordan and Phillip W. Gray

Chapter 7: The Tragic as a Response to the Challenges of the Transference of Western Notions in Engineering Ethics in Saudi Arabia: A Practical Demonstration
Muhammad Haris

Chapter 8: Ethical issues in the spread of English as a global language: Is the spread of English a cure or a curse?

Zohreh Eslami

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Titre: Co-Existing in a Globalized World
Sous-titre: Key Themes in Inter-Professional Ethics
EAN: 9780739181218
ISBN: 978-0-7391-8121-8
Format: eBook (epub)
Producteur: Lexington Books
Editeur: Lexington Books
Genre: Sciences politiques
Parution: 13.06.2013
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Nombre de pages: 176
Année: 2013