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He Lost, He Lost

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HE LOST, HE LOST! features four major reasons that Trump lost - not just the election but popular support, based on a series of c... Lire la suite
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HE LOST, HE LOST! features four major reasons that Trump lost - not just the election but popular support, based on a series of cartoons with a spirit of levity. The commentary is written in this same spirit, while providing some background to explain the comparisons made in the cartoons. The four reasons Trump lost are these:

- Trump is Bats in that he is like a bat flying in the dark so he can't see what's real very well, and he's running or running away like a bat out of hell.

- Trump Is Nuts in that he is like a variety of nuts from peanuts to cashews and pecans, and finally he is carted off to the nuthouse.

- Trump Is an Animal in that he is like a male animal fighting for power, women, and territory;

- Trump is like a Variety of Extinct Animals or Humans in that he is like a variety of dinosaurs and other extinct creatures.

"He Lost, He Lost! is a fun, yet insightful look into the malignant narcissist that just left the White house. It is an easy read that 80,000,000 of us can enjoy."

Charles E. Hooper, Speaker Coach, Sacramento, California

"If you need a good laugh during this trying time, check out this new book. It's an SNL literary approach with great illustrations and satire."

John Covert, Crystal Image Variety Band, Jackson, California

"This book brings some laughs and light in a dark time. Sure to make you smile. For me it's a must read."

Mark Gagnon, Film Critic, Los Angeles, California

Sandi Derring is an author who has long been following the ups and downs of Trump's 2016 campaign, White House years, 2020 election, and final defeat. She also supports science, preserving the environment, recognizing climate control, and eradicating the coronavirus -- all things Trump is against or has chosen to ignore.

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Titre: He Lost, He Lost
Code EAN: 9781393927129
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Format: eBook (epub)
Producteur: Changemakers Publishing
Genre: Fiction
Parution: 20.01.2021
Taille de fichier: 4.3 MB