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The Dauphnir Ring Survives Distortion

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Time is running out to save Josie, and Talak will stop at nothing to make sure she survives the distortion. ~ Josie ~ Geez, that ... Lire la suite
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Time is running out to save Josie, and Talak will stop at nothing to make sure she survives the distortion.

~ Josie ~ Geez, that stupid jock tripped me again. I patted the hallway floor of Salem High searching for my glasses. A pair of tennis shoes appeared in my blurred vision. I stole a secretive glance as he offered a very masculine hand to me. Taking hold, I avoided his eyes, because I just knew I'd look like Bambi staring into oncoming traffic. He was that hot. I barely remembered to let go of his hand as I stumbled off in front of him. I think he asked me where his class was. I must have mumbled something, because he's following me, and now I barely remember where I'm going.

~ Talak ~ My protective instincts kicked into overdrive when I saw her fall. I hurried over scooping up her glasses while reaching for her hand. The gentle zap took me by surprise as her fingers wrapped over mine. Static electricity - my logic countered, but my stomach clenched in disagreement. I followed her swinging ponytail knowing I just found a friend, and it would appear she was sorely in need of one. Hopefully, she can shed some light on the odd occurrences happening around town. That was why I was here, after all, to destroy any threat to humanity. Hopefully, I will have the problem fixed in no time at all. My stomach gave another tightening at my thought, and I wondered the cause as I studied the petite girl in front of me.

The following book is a revised YA edition of the adult title, The Dauphnir Rings: Distortion.

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Titre: The Dauphnir Ring Survives Distortion
Code EAN: 9781519982759
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Format: eBook (epub)
Producteur: S. R. Thompson
Parution: 23.09.2015
Taille de fichier: 0.5 MB