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Naughty Boys

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Gay Seductions Mega BundleThis sensual collection contains the following 9 sexy gay tales:Company Hunk:The young, handsome and un... Lire la suite
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Gay Seductions Mega Bundle

This sensual collection contains the following 9 sexy gay tales:

Company Hunk:

The young, handsome and untouched Trevor knew exactly what it took to get higher up in the company at his new job. When he learns the owner is a former man of the house he used to crave, this inexperienced young man decides to take action.

Jet Set:

On his very first day as a flight steward, Sebastian is pleasantly surprised to learn on older, handsome man he desires will be on his flight. Emmett is his former roommate, and is more than willing to teach this inexperienced young man how to keep a passenger satisfied.

Bad Boys:

Emerson is pleasantly surprised to learn that the new landscaper is the young and sexy Hunter. As his former man of the house, Emerson knows Hunter craves older men and is eager to learn from them. And when Hunter's handsome boyfriend gets involved both young men quickly learn from Emerson how to be very, very bad.

The Handsome Hitchhiker:

Gavin, who recently divorced his husband, is in desperate need of a distraction from his troubles and goes on a little road trip. To his surprise, he comes across Hudson, who he use to see all the time when Gavin was a man of the house. Old tensions are released, and new passions explored when they decide a little roadside maintenance is needed!

Good Neighbours:

Julian has finally decided to be bad. Real bad. And he doesn't want to just be bad with the young sexy neighbour, Xander, but also with Parker, a long time friend of his. And it turns out both young men are very eager to learn from him.

Public Sessions:

Asher recounts his hot and dirty encounter with Declan, who he was the former man of the house. When the younger man recommends they commence activities in a crowded movie theatre, Asher knows the action won't just be all on the screen!

Spanked Hard:

Thomas never thought reading at the library could be so exciting until he discovers Oliver has started working there. Being his former man of the house, Thomas knows that the younger man is in need of some hard disciplining. And Oliver is more than eager to start his first lesson!

Postal Pleasure:

Gideon hatches a plan to seduce the new sexy postman. But when his young and handsome accountant suddenly arrives, Gideon decides that it would be much more fun to seduce two young men, instead of just one.

Special Delivery:

Liam just found out his boyfriend has been cheating on him for months, so he calls it off. Then he discovers that the pizza he ordered is delivered by Noah, to whom he was the man of the house for until a few moments ago. Toppings and cheese aren't the only things simmering for this encounter, and Liam decides to give the younger man the tip of his life!

For adults only.

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Titre: Naughty Boys
Code EAN: 9781516349296
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Format: eBook (epub)
Producteur: Tales of Flesh Press
Genre: Divers
Parution: 17.09.2015
Taille de fichier: 0.2 MB