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Revisioning Beckett

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Revisioning Beckett reassesses Beckett's career and literary output, particularly his engagement with what might be called decade... Lire la suite
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Revisioning Beckett reassesses Beckett's career and literary output, particularly his engagement with what might be called decadent modernism.

Gontarski approaches Beckett from multiple viewpoints: from his running afoul of the Irish Censorship of Publications Acts in the 1930s through the 1950s, his preoccupations to "find literature in the pornography, or beneath the pornography," his battles with the Lord Chamberlain in the mid-1950s over London stagings of his first two plays, and his close professional and personal associations with publishers who celebrated the work of the demimonde. Much of that term encompasses an opening to the fullness of human experience denied in previous centuries, and much of that has been sexual or decadent. As Gontarski shows, the aesthetics that emerges from such early career encounters and associations continues to inform Beckett's work and develops into experimental modes that upend literary models and middle-class values, an aesthetics that, furthermore, has inspired any number of visual artists to re-vision Beckett.


S. E. Gontarski is the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of English at Florida State University, USA. He has been awarded four National Endowment for the Humanities research grants, has twice been awarded Fulbright Professorships, has been Guest Editor of the following: American Book Review, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, and Modern Fiction Studies and most recently Drammaturgia. He is the author or editor of 29 books, including Samuel Beckett: The Complete Short Prose, 1928-1989 (1996), The Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett, Volume IV: The Shorter Plays (1999), A Companion To Samuel Beckett (2010), Beckett after Beckett (ed. with Anthony Uhlmann, 2006), The Faber Companion to Samuel Beckett: A Reader's Guide to His Life, Works, and Thought (with C. J. Ackerly, 2006), The Grove Press Reader, 1951-2001 (2001), Modernism, Censorship and the Politics of Publishing (2000). He is also General Editor of two book series: "Crosscurrents: Comparative Studies in European Literature and Philosophy" and "Anthem Studies in Theatre and Performance."


Foreword Anthony Uhlmann (Western Sydney University, Australia)
Demonology, Sade-ism, and Samuel Beckett's Decadent Turn: An Introduction

I. A Professional Life
1. Samuel Beckett and Lace Curtain Irish Modernisms
2. Publishing in America: Sam and Barney
3. Eleutheria: Samuel Beckett's Suppressed Bohemian Manifesto

II. A Theatrical Life
4. Textual Aberrations, Ghost Texts and the British Godot: A Saga of Censorship
5. 'Nothingness in Words Enclosed?': Waiting for Godot
6. An End to Endings: Samuel Beckett's End Game(s)
7. Samuel Beckett's Art of Self-Collaboration
8. Beckett's Keyhole Art: Voyeurism, Schaulust and the Perversions of Theatre
9. 'He Wants to Know If It Hurts!': The Body as Text in Samuel Beckett's Theatre

III. A Philosophical Life

10. Theatrical and Theoretical Intersections: Samuel Beckett, Herbert Blau, Civil Rights and the Politics of Godot
11. Beckett and the Revisioning of Modernism(s): Molloy
12. A Sense of Unending: Fictions for the End of Time
13. The Death of Style: Samuel Beckett's Art of Repetition, Pastiche and Cut-ups


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