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Routledge Handbook of Planning for Health and Well-Being

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Urban planning is deeply implicated in both the planetary crisis of climate change and the personal crises of unhealthy lifestyle... Lire la suite
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Urban planning is deeply implicated in both the planetary crisis of climate change and the personal crises of unhealthy lifestyles. Worldwide health issues such as obesity, mental illness, growing health inequalities and climate vulnerability cannot be solved solely by medicines but also by tackling the social, economic and environmental determinants. In a time when unhealthy and unsustainable conditions are being built into the physical fabric of cities, a new awareness and strategy is urgently needed to putting health and well-being at the heart of planning.

The Routledge Handbook of Planning for Health and Well-being authoritatively and comprehensively integrates health into planning, strengthening the hands of those who argue and plan for healthy environments. With contributions from international leaders in the field, the Handbook of Planning for Health and Well-being provides context, philosophy, research, processes, and tools of experienced practitioners through case studies from four continents.


Hugh Barton is Emeritus Professor of Panning, Health and Sustainability at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. Until 2012 he was Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for healthy urban environments. He is a recognised international expert in the field, and lead author of key texts on sustainability and health, including Healthy Urban Planning, (for the WHO Healthy Cities programme), Sustainable Communities and Shaping Neighbourhoods. His research, teaching and consultancy work has been about building bridges between disciplines, professions, stakeholders, spatial scales and policy areas. He has made a particular study of energy-efficient urban form, neighbourhood design, inclusive decision processes and health-integrated planning.

Susan Thompson is Professor of Planning and Associate Director (Healthy Built Environments) at the City Futures Research Centre, UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales, Australia). Susan has worked in urban planning for over 30 years focusing on cross-disciplinary research, teaching and practice. She has qualifications in urban planning, geography and education. Her areas of expertise encompass cultural diversity in urban planning, meanings of home and the use of qualitative research methodologies in the built environment disciplines. For the last decade Susan's work has focused on healthy urban planning. In 2012 Susan was elected Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia and is widely published in urban planning and health.

Sarah Burgess is a qualified planner specialising in urban design and planning policy. She has experience in public and private practice in both Australia and the United Kingdom, working on projects and policies at local and strategic levels. Sarah is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Urban Planning at the University of the West of England, UK. Her research interests include urban form and the quality of the urban environment and the integration of health into planning policies and processes. She is a Built Environment Expert with the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and an Academician of the Academy of Urbanism.

Marcus Grant has been exploring questions at the interface of human flourishing, sustainability and land use since the mid-1980s. He has working experience of the consultancy, academic and public policy worlds and is concerned with accessing their inherent, but untapped synergies, to make better places. Recently, he has been active in this field as Deputy Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments and Associate Professor in the Department of Planning and Architecture at the University of the West of England, UK. Marcus holds a degree in ecology, is a Chartered Landscape Architect, a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and an Associate Fellow of the National Institute for Health Research.


    Foreword by Agis Tsouros



    Overview by Hugh Barton

    1. Planning for health and well-being: the time for action - Hugh Barton

    2. Integrating Health into Town Planning: A History - Robert Freestone and Andrew Wheeler

    3. Urban inequities, population health & spatial planning - Jason Corburn

    4. Rapid urbanization, health and well-being - Cliff Hague

    5. Healthy cities, healthy planet: towards the regenerative city - Herbert Girardet

    6. Mind the gap: bridging the divide between knowledge, policy and practice - Roderick Lawrence


    Overview by Susan Thompson

    7. Health inequalities and the role of the physical and social environment - Matilda Allen and Jessica Allen

    8. Active travel: its fall and rise - Adrian Davis and John Parkin

    9. The influence of urban design and planning on physical activity - Billie Giles-Corti, Sarah Foster et al

    10. Healthy play for all ages in public open spaces - Ben Spencer and Lamine Mahjoubi

    11. Mental well-being and the influence of place - Libby Burton

    12. Crime and community safety: challenging the design consensus - Paul Cozens

    13. The role of planning and design in advancing a bio-nutrition sensitive food system - Jane Dixon and Emily Ballantyne-Brodie


    Overview by Marcus Grant

    14. Obesogenic built environment: concepts and complexities - Tim Townsend, Rachel Gallo and Amelia Lake

    15. Settlement patterns, urban form and travel - Peter Hedicar

    16. Retrofitting suburbia for health: scenarios for neighbourhood planning - Hugh Barton and Marcus Grant

    17. Beyond the park: linking urban greenspaces, human well-being and environmental health - Linda Corkery

    18. Hotter cities: climate change and planning for resilient, healthy urban environments - Louise McKenzie

    19. Housing, energy efficiency and fuel poverty - Brenda Boardman

    20. The spatial determinants of air quality - Enda Hayes

    21. Water management, urban development and health - Jessica Lamond


    Overview by Sarah Burgess

    22. The co-benefits framework for understanding and action on climate change - Susan Thompson and Anthony Capon

    23. Delivering healthy places: the role of the private sector - James de Havilland and Sarah Burgess

    24. Building collaborative partnerships - Lynda Addison

    25. Creating healthier, smarter places: learning from European cities - Nicholas Falk

    26. Assessing the potential health effects of policies, plans and projects - Ben Cave

    27. A strategic approach to green infrastructure planning - Val Kirby

    28. Healthy housing - Elena Marco and Sarah Burgess

    29. Community housing and place-making - Martin Large and Hugh Barton

    30. Local management of energy demand and supply - Ove Christen Morck


    Overview by Hugh Barton and Laurence Carmichael

    31. Healthy planning in Australia - Jennifer Kent and Susan Thompson

    32. Planning for resilient cities: lessons from post-earthquake Canterbury - Suzanne Valence

    33. The development of a healthy ageing programme in Taiwan - Tzu-Yuan Stessa Chao

    34. Managing city development for health in India: the case of Hyderabad city - Maheep Singh Thapar and Mala Rao

    35. The integration of health into planning in Turkish cities - Nalan Fidan and Ercumant Yilmaz

    36. Health-integrated planning and appraisal in the English Midlands - Judy Kurth, Zafar Iqbal, Paul Southon, Chris Weston and Charlotte Robinson

    37. The three fabrics strategy in Finland - Leo Kosonen

    38. Freiburg: green capital of Europe - Marcus Grant and Hugh Barton

    39. Public realm and public health in North American cities - Bruce Mcvean and Lucy Saunders

    40. Planning a healthy city: progress and challenges in Portland, Oregon - Carl Abbott and Moriah McSharry

    41. Designing for conviviality and city vitality in Portland - Paddy Tillett


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