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Routledge Companion to Media and Race

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The Routledge Companion to Media and Race serves as a comprehensive guide for scholars, students, and media professionals who see... Lire la suite
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The Routledge Companion to Media and Race serves as a comprehensive guide for scholars, students, and media professionals who seek to understand the key debates about the impact of media messages on racial attitudes and understanding. Broad in scope and richly presented from a diversity of perspectives, the book is divided into three sections: first, it summarizes the theoretical approaches that scholars have adopted to analyze the complexities of media messages about race and ethnicity, from the notion of "e;representation"e; to more recent concepts like Critical Race Theory. Second, the book reviews studies related to a variety of media, including film, television, print media, social media, music, and video games. Finally, contributors present a broad summary of media issues related to specific races and ethnicities and describe the relationship of the study of race to the study of gender and sexuality.


Christopher Campbell is director of the School of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern Mississippi. He is the author of Race, Myth and the News (Sage Publications, 1995) and co-author of Race and News: Critical Perspectives (Routledge, 2011).


Notes on Contributors, Introduction, PART I - Studying Race and Media: Theories and Approaches, 1 - Representation: Stuart Hall and the "Politics of Signification", 2 - Framing: The Undying White Racial Frame, 3 - Cultivation Theory: Gerbner, Fear, Crime, and Cops, 4 - Historical Media Analysis: Oppression and Resistance, 5 - Priming: Memory, Media, and Minorities, 6 - Critical Race Theory: Everything Old is New Again, PART II - Race, the Medium, the Message, 7 - Primetime Television: Portrayals and Effects, 8 - Film: Race and the Cinematic "Machine", 9 - Popular Music: Translating Race and Genre from Ethnic to Epic, 10 - The Internet: Oppression in Digital Spaces, 11 - Social Media: From Digital Divide to Empowerment, 12 - Journalism and African Americans: Diversity and Perspective, 13 - Journalism and Latinos: Stereotypes, Underrepresentation, and Ignorance, 14 - Advertising: A Window to Race and Culture, 15 - Ethnic Media: Moving Beyond Boundaries, 16 - Sports Media in the United States: Trivializing Race, 17 - Sports Media in Europe: An International Context, PART III - Race, Ethnicity, and Intersectionality, 18 - African Americans: From Minstrelsy to Reality TV, 19 - Latin@s: Underrepresented Majorities in the Digital Age, 20 - Native Americans: The Denial of Humanity, 21 - Asian Americans: Model Minoritizing Digital Labor in a Post-Racial Age, 22 - Arabs, Muslims, and Arab Americans: Constructing an Evil Other, 23 - Mixed Race: From Pathology to Celebration, 24 - Europe: Representation of Ethnic Minorities and Their Effects, 25 - East Asia: Looking In and Looking Out, 26 - India: Insecurities of a Nation on the Rise, 27 - Gender and Black Feminist Theory: Examining Difference, 28 - Race and Sexuality: Whitewashing Representation, Index

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Titre: Routledge Companion to Media and Race
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ISBN: 978-1-317-69582-0
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Année: 2016
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