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Routledge Companion to Consumer Behavior

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The key to marketing is understanding and satisfying consumer needs, thus a knowledge of consumer behavior is essential to any or... Lire la suite
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The key to marketing is understanding and satisfying consumer needs, thus a knowledge of consumer behavior is essential to any organization dealing with customers, users, or clients. This book promises to be a contemporary classic. It brings together an international set of scholars, many of whom are "household names", to examine the diverse approaches to consumer behavior topics.

The editors employ a micro to macro structure, dividing each topic into three parts: one reflecting foundational work, one focused on emerging trends, and one covering practical applications. Each part examines the relationship between consumer behaviour and motivation, including well-being, gender, social class, and more, and concludes with practitioner perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that come with understanding customers. Readers will gain insight into how drives that are constantly in flux relate to other aspects of human cognition and behavior, allowing them to reach customers successfully, and to meet their needs. With contributions from leading scholars, including Sidney Levy and Jagdish Sheth, this volume sets the standard as the most comprehensive, cutting-edge resource on the subject of consumer behavior.

Students of consumer behaviour and marketing will find this a useful exploration of a fast-moving field, fundamental to the welfare of companies, government, non-profits, and consumers. It will also benefit new and established academic researchers as well as practitioners who want to stay on top of current knowledge.


Michael R. Solomon is Professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph's University, USA.

Tina M. Lowrey is Professor of Marketing at HEC Paris, France.


Part I: Introduction


  1. A History of the Study of Consumer Behavior Sidney J. Levy
  2. Climate, Culture, and Consumption: Connecting the Dots Jagdish N. Sheth
  3. Part II: Well-Being

  4. Materialism: Conceptualizations, Antecedents, and Consequences Nimish Rustagi, L. J. Shrum
  5. The Therapeutic Utility of Shopping: Retail Therapy, Emotion Regulation, and Well-Being Leonard Lee, Tim M. Böttger
  6. Part III: Perception

  7. Drivers, Consequences, and Remedies of Biased Size Perceptions in Marketing Nailya Ordabayeva, Pierre Chandon
  8. Implications of Product Anthropomorphism Through Design Ana Valenzuela, Rhonda Hadi
  9. Part IV: Learning & Memory

  10. The Recall and Use of Narratives as Declarative and Procedural Consumer Knowledge Robert S. Wyer, Jr. and Tao Tao
  11. The Lies Consumers Tell: The Opportunities and Challenges of Studying Consumer Deception Christina I. Anthony, Elizabeth Cowley
  12. Part V: Self/Gender

  13. The Interplay of the Desired and Undesired Selves in Everyday Consumption Chihling Liu, Margaret K. Hogg
  14. Gender and the Self: Traversing Feminisms, Masculinities, and Intersectionality Towards Transformative Perspectives Linda Tuncay Zayer, Catherine A. Coleman, Wendy Hein, Birkbeck, Jon Littlefield, Laurel Steinfield
  15. Part VI: Motivation/Values/Personality

  16. Social Values in Consumer Psychology: Key Determinants of Human Behavior Wang Suk Suh and Lynn R. Kahle
  17. The Dynamics of Multiple Goal Pursuit: Situation and Personality as Determinants of Goal Stickiness and Switching Suresh Ramanathan
  18. Part VII: Decision Making

  19. Pricing in the Digital Age: Implications for Consumer Behavior Russell S. Winer
  20. The Quantified Self: Self-Regulation in Cyborg Consumers Rachel Ashman, Julia Wolny, Michael R. Solomon
  21. Part VIII: Attitudes & Branding

  22. How Consumers' Attitudes Towards Brands Are Shaped Danielle J. Brick, Susan Fournier
  23. Brand Attitude Structure Frank R. Kardes, Ruth Pogacar, Roseann Hassey, Ruomeng Wu
  24. Part IX: Language

  25. The Influence of Marketing Language On Brand Attitudes and Choice Ruth Pogacar, Tina M. Lowrey, L. J. Shrum
  26. On the Search for the Perfect Brand Name Sascha Topolinski
  27. Part X: Buying/Retailing/Services/Disposal

  28. How Retailing Cues Influence Shopping Perceptions and Behavior Dhruv Grewal, Anne L. Roggeveen, Lauren S. Beitelspacher
  29. Using Visual Design to Improve Customer Perceptions of Online Assortments Barbara E. Kahn
  30. Part XI: Family

  31. Power and Gender Dynamics in Contemporary Families Gokcen Coskuner-Balli, Samantha N. N. Cross
  32. Conducting International Consumer Research with Children: Challenges and Potential Solutions Tina M. Lowrey, Lan Nguyen Chaplin, Agnes Nairn, Aysen Bakir, Verolien Cauberghe, Elodie Gentina, Liselot Hudders, Hua Li, Fiona Spotswood, Anna Maria Zawadzka
  33. Part XII: Groups/Social Media

  34. Social Media Ashlee Humphreys
  35. Segmented Clusters versus Social Groupings & Status Games: The Changing Landscape of Luxury Consumers Laurel Steinfield
  36. Part XIII: Subcultures

  37. Community Lost: The Unrealized Collaborative Market Potential of Credit Unions Hope Jensen Schau and Albert M. Muñiz, Jr.
  38. Coconstructing institutions one brick at a time: appropriation and deliberation on LEGO Ideas Albert M. Muñiz Jr., Marie Taillard
  39. Part XIV: Social Class/Power

  40. The Hidden Hand of Social Class Paul Henry & Marylouise Caldwell
  41. Impoverished Consumers: What We Know, What We Don't Know, and What We Should Do Ronald Paul Hill
  42. Part XV: Culture

  43. Multiple Shades of Culture: Insights from Experimental Consumer Research Zeynep Gürhan-Canli, Gülen Sarial-Abi, Ceren Hayran
  44. The Case for Exploring Cultural Rituals as Consumption Contexts Cele C. Otnes
  45. Part XVI: Applied Consumer Behavior

  46. Consumer Behavior in the Marketing Information Ecosystem John Wittenbraker & Norbert Wirth
  47. Emerging Trends for Consumer Behavior Practitioners Jim Multari

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