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Breaking the Leadership Mold

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Much has been written about leaders and leadership. Journal articles, blogs and books try to home in on the essence of an effectiv... Lire la suite
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Much has been written about leaders and leadership. Journal articles, blogs and books try to home in on the essence of an effective leader. While there is common agreement that a executive's performance can make or break company, defining that essence of effective leadership remains the Holy Grail for those who find themselves at the top, for those who are responsible for carrying out the strategies and dictates of their managers, and for the shareholders who want to see commitment, action and positive financial return.

Breaking the Leadership Mold is designed to help senior executives and managers respond to the challenges of today and shed the vestiges of days gone by. In so doing they will better lead and enable their staff, and create a work environment that is healthy, engaging, productive and sustainable. Based on  the author's extensive research and 35 years' experience in working with local, national and international companies, Breaking the Leadership Mold offers 20 principles-such as Principle #10: Recognize How Executive Team Dynamics Promote Mediocrity and Principle #14: Get Other Executives On Board (or Out of the Way)--that when implemented will ensure that not only is there effective communication throughout the organization, from top to bottom and bottom to top, but also that employees and executives alike contribute to their full potential. The net result -- the organization wins on every measure. The 20 principles are built on the pillars of case studies, experience and research.

 Effective leadership is an absolute in any business environment, but becomes even more critical in times when businesses face unprecedented challenges and need to be nimble and responsive to change. Breaking the Mold has proven strategies to empower, unite and galvanize managers and employees -- and their organization - to enable them to prosper and adapt in a swift-changing environment. 

Dr. Rosie Steeves, formerly the executive director of Outward Bound Western Canada and offshore engineer, is the founder and President of Executive Works (, a business dedicated to helping executives create great organizations. Prior to this she was the co-founder and principal of The Refinery, a state-of-the-art leadership development and organizational performance firm. Dr. Steeves has 35 years' experience in the leadership development field, working with both CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies to pursue aggressive growth strategies and small firms experiencing start-up challenges. A certified executive leadership coach, Dr Steeves has a PhD in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara and an MA in Engineering from Cambridge University, England.

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Breaking the Leadership Mold eloquently reminds us that in the face of short-term market expectations for results growth, modern leaders need the commitment, credibility and foresight to balance the longer-term priority of growing their people also.
Steve Reid, COO, Goldcorp Inc.

For the corporate executive ready to sustain the effort and achieve the required personal development, Rosie Steeves' wonderful book is an excellent and effective how-to manual for building organizational excellence. It deserves wide readership.
Chuck Edwards, P.Eng., FCIM, Process Engineering Consultant

Too many companies in North America have an abundance of people in charge but a shortage of leaders. Rosie Steeves, who has been contributing her Leadership Lessons column to Business in Vancouver since 2002, is in the business of building better leaders. Whether you're in need of a leader or aspiring to be one, she's worth a read.
Timothy Renshaw, Managing Editor, Business in Vancouver

Valuable insights and advice for anyone who is part of an executive team or leads one, and would like to make it work better.
Hugh Harden, VP Operations, Kinder Morgan Canada

Breaking the Leadership Mold is a fresh perspective with an enlightened view of what it will take to develop an organization and senior management team that will be ready to lead your business to a successful and prosperous future. Enjoy the read, but do more . . . utilize what you will learn.
Bruce Alexander, President, Raute North America

Executive teams with a desire to create a highly-functioning organization would do well to read this book. Within it, you will find a thorough reflection on the many challenges and aspirations we all share to be effective and respected leaders.
Gerald W. Grandey, Chief Executive Officer, Cameco Corporation

A very good read for anyone looking at achieving a better understanding of the evolution of leadership, including a practical breakdown on the do's and don'ts of modern leadership.
Francois Morton, Vice President British Columbia, GENIVAR

An insightful, clear guide for any executive seeking to develop more collaborative, effective leadership skills to increase organizational success.
Heather Conway, CEO

In today's financially driven business environment, this book is a good reminder of other skills essential for sustainment of the organization. It's the quality of the leader that transforms good intention into positive action and turns a group of people into a team.
Jan Marston, Vice President, Customer Care, Human Resources & Operations Governance, Terasen Gas

This is vintage Rosie Steeves! A must-read for senior executives.
Mike Marasco, CEO, Plenary Investments



Part One.

Chapter OnePrinciple #1: Face the Facts.

Chapter TwoPrinciple #2: Break the Mold.

Chapter ThreePrinciple #3: Define a Better Way.

Chapter FourPrinciple #4: Figure Out if You Have What It Takes.

Part Two.

Chapter FivePrinciple #5: Give Yourself a Leadership Reality Check.

Chapter SixPrinciple #6: Conduct a Personal Leadership Audit.

Chapter SevenPrinciple #7: Embark On a Leadership Makeover.

Chapter EightPrinciple #8: Put Yourself First.

Part Three.

Chapter NinePrinciple #9: Understand What Could Be Amiss with Your Top Team.

Chapter TenPrinciple #10: Recognize How Executive Team Dynamics Promotes Mediocrity.

Chapter ElevenPrinciple #11: Get the Top Team Working.

Chapter TwelvePrinciple #12: Get the Board on Board.

Part Four.

Chapter ThirteenPrinciple #13: Develop Everyone's Leadership.

Chapter FourteenPrinciple #14: Get Other Executives on Board (Or Out of the Way).

Chapter FifteenPrinciple #15: Figure Out Communication.

Chapter SixteenPrinciple #16: Create Communities.

Part Five.

Chapter SeventeenPrinciple #17:Tell People How They're Doing.

Chapter EighteenPrinciple #18: Promote for the Future.

Chapter NineteenPrinciple #19: Integrate the Hard and the Soft.

Chapter TwentyPrinciple #20: Never Stop.




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Année: 2010
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