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Darcy and Elizabeth: a Pride and Prejudice Intimate Collection

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This steamy and sweet collection of Pride and Prejudice intimates will give you some cozy things to read on an afternoon in. Reli... Lire la suite
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This steamy and sweet collection of Pride and Prejudice intimates will give you some cozy things to read on an afternoon in. Relive the magic of first love and the blush of excitement between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet as they discover each other intimately in this collection of shorts. Bringing together the follow novellas by Rose Arabella: Passions at Pemberley

Caught in a wicked storm at Pemberley, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are stranded together in a small picnic cottage.. It is a few weeks after the glorious wedding of Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet. The happy couple have been accompanied on their wedding trip by Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and they have made a stop in Pemberley to visit Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth have not seen each other since the wedding, and he has not found the courage to ask her yet to marry him again. She is regretting turning him down from the very first. They take a row on the lake at Mr. and Mrs. Bingleys request for a day's entertainment when a storm blows up and forces them to shelter on a small island with a picnic cottage. When Elizabeth falls into the lake, and Mr. Darcy rescues her, she is soaked to the bone and must get dry and warm to prevent sickness. With no one there to chaperone them, will these two passionate individuals find themselves inexplicably drawn together in a most intimate fashion? Or will they resist their baser natures until such a time as they can be married? Passions at Pemberley details the struggle and the loving that follows!

Mr. Darcy's Late Night Need

Mr. Darcy offers Elizabeth Bennet shelter, kindness, and possibly something much, much more... Elizabeth is not well enough to travel on to Longbourn, after the distress of Lydia's ruining by Wickham is revealed. She instead travels with Mr. Darcy to Pemberly, where she might convalesce for a day or so before returning to her family's home. While she is there, she is given the suites belonging to the lady of the house, of which there is none currently. In the dark of the night, she hears a noise at the adjoining door to the master's rooms... Mr. Darcy has come to confess his ardent love for her, and wishes to make her his wife, in every way but name until they can have the ceremony! Will she give in to him, as he only desires to make her feel comforted, warm, pleasured, and loved?

An Altered Path They loved and hated each other ardently in turns, but would the complications of his first proposal give way in the face of their fiery need for one another? What if Mr. Darcy's first proposal to Elizabeth had not gone so badly? What if he was able to salvage it and defend his character to her satisfaction? What would happen, caught in the rain, out where no one might see them, between our dear couple as they gave into the passion and ardent love they both held for one another?

Assignation at Rosings

Mr. Darcy is burning up with need after Elizabeth's refusal of his proposal... Colonel Fitzwilliam convinces him that it is best if he just apologizes to the girl and convinces her to become his wife. When Mr. Darcy goes to Elizabeth, however, he feels there is only one way to truly convince her to become his.. by making her his, in every way possible...

These sensual and steamy Pride and Prejudice intimate variation novellas is best read by those who are 18+.

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Titre: Darcy and Elizabeth: a Pride and Prejudice Intimate Collection
Code EAN: 9781386047919
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Format: eBook (epub)
Producteur: Rose Arabella
Genre: Fiction
Parution: 29.04.2017
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