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God...the Grand Illusion

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The question is this, what do we accept as the truth of what we believe in? We take many things by mere faith, but is faith the r... Lire la suite
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The question is this, what do we accept as the truth of what we believe in? We take many things by mere faith, but is faith the right path in putting our trust in a matter just because someone says so? Do we dig into a matter with an open mind rather than prejudice and influences from others as we were growing up? Does our relationship with others influence our perception of what is truth and what is not the truth? Do we tend to accept something as truth because we don't have time or resources to check it out? Or is it because of an emphatic speech by a cleric that proclaims the Bible is "without error" when in fact outside sources point to errors in dates, events, and even interpretation, yet we close our eyes and ears because we ask, "How can this be?" Many times the excuse is made that if so many people believe in a particular biblical statement or condition, then it can't be wrong! Or can it? Debate on biblical issues end up boggling the general populous, and many just walk away from it with disgust, won't deal with it, or dogmatically hold a position of biblical inerrancy. This brings us down to getting into the trenches of discovering the truth, as ugly and contentious it may seem. This is especially true when ufology is brought into the picture, especially when the topic of God or a God is introduced and examined in the light of various scientific disciplines.

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Titre: God...the Grand Illusion
Sous-titre: A Study and Guide of authentic facts regarding the extraterrestrial influence and Hebrew acceptance in creating the belief of a Judeo-Christian God and how to live in Peace without a God
Code EAN: 9781662404146
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Format: eBook (epub)
Producteur: Page Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Religion, théologie
nombre de pages: 160
Parution: 11.11.2020
Taille de fichier: 0.2 MB