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Profit from Intellectual Property

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Licensing is a multi-billion dollar industry. More people than ever are involved with intellectual property transactions and arran... Lire la suite
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Licensing is a multi-billion dollar industry. More people than ever are involved with intellectual property transactions and arrangements in everyday business. Anyone using, selling, transferring, giving, or obtaining permissions to use a product protected by intellectual property law can benefit from this book. It serves as an introduction and guide to reviewing, writing, and negotiating most of the licenses and agreements necessary to turn intellectual property into profit.Whether you are a business owner, inventor, engineer, artist, writer, photographer, or freelancer-Profit from Intellectual Property will give you a better understanding of your intellectual property rights and the processes of licensing and permission.


Ron Idra received his law degree from the New York University School of Law, where he served as an editor for the N.Y.U. Law Review. He currently practices intellectual property law in New York City and acts as a copyright and trademark consultant for many large corporations.


Using Self-Help Law Books -

Introduction -

Chapter 1:Overview to Intellectual Property
Basics of Intellectual Property
Patents: Protecting New and Unique Inventions
Copyright: Protecting Artistic Expression
Trademarks: Indicating Business Source
Trade Secrets: Confidential Business Information
Other Rights and Laws Related to Intellectual Property
Legal Authority for Intellectual Property

Chapter 2:Nature of Agreements -
Defining Agreements
Negotiating Agreements
Enforcing Agreements

Chapter 3:Essentials of a License Agreement -
Introduction and Definition of Parties
License Grant
License Term
Payment Provisions
Parties' Signatures
Sample License Agreement
License Commentary

Chapter 4:Business Decisions -
Should You License?
Who Are the Parties?
Who is a Potential Licensor or Licensee?
Which Intellectual Property will be licensed?
What can the Licensee Do?
Will the License be Exclusive or Nonexclusive?
What will the Payment Be?
What is the Term of the License?
How can the License Be Terminated?
Will any Services be Performed?

Chapter 5:License Agreement: Main Terms
Defining the Terms and Using Schedules and Exhibits
Defining the Parties to the License
Determining the Beneficiaries to the License
Drafting the License Grant
Determining the Extent of the Licensed Property
Deciding the Scope of the Licensee
Putting It Together
License Term & Termination

Chapter 6:License Agreement: Payment Provisions
Pricing the License, Fairly
Fixed Payments
Other Royalty-Related Terms
Additional Business Terms

Chapter 7:License Agreement: Legal Protections -
Representations and Warranties
Limitation of Liability
Protection of the Licensed Property
Third Party Infringements
Force Majeure

Chapter 8:License Agreement: Standard Terms -
Choice of Law and Jurisdiction
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Notices between the Parties
Severability and Waiver
Entire Agreement
Relationship between the Parties

Chapter 9:Monitoring Your License
Before You Sign
Performing and Monitoring Your License
Modifying or Terminating Your License

Chapter 10:Software Licenses -
Types of Software Licenses
Software-Specific Provisions
Structure of the Software License
Common Restrictions on Licensee
Limited Warranties for the Software
Software Maintenance and Service Provisions
Updates and Future Versions
Source Code Escrow
Documentation and Technical Information

Chapter 11:Licensing Technology: Patents and Trade Secrets -
Licensing Patents
Technology License Provisions
Technology Cross-License

Chapter 12:Copyright & Trademark Licenses -
Copyrighted Works
Trademark Licenses
Merchandising Licenses

Chapter 13:Permissions
Permission vs. License
Works Covered by Copyright
Works Covered by Trademark

Chapter 14:Obtaining Permissions -
Written Works
Photographs, Graphic Art, and Artwork
Musical Works
Film and Video
Performances and Speeches
Penalties for Copyright Infringement
Explanation Of Terms of the Permission Request
Optional Terms to a Permission Request
Cost of Permission

Glossary -

Appendix A:General Resources -

Appendix B:Licensing

Appendix C:Finding An Attorney -

Appendix D:Permissions

Appendix E:Business Resources -

Appendix F:Sample License Agreements

Appendix G:Sample Permission Documents


Informations sur le produit

Titre: Profit from Intellectual Property
Sous-titre: The Complete Legal Guide to Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Permissions, and Licensing Agreements
Code EAN: 9781402235894
ISBN: 978-1-4022-3589-4
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Format: eBook (epub)
Editeur: Sourcebooks
Genre: Droit
nombre de pages: 288
Parution: 01.08.2003
Année: 2003
Sous-titre: Englisch
Taille de fichier: 1.3 MB