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The Chymical Seduction: The Most Ancient and Secret Mystery

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Ancient mysteries from Atlantis and other famous lost cities, such as the ones recently found underwater near the coasts of Japan... Lire la suite
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Ancient mysteries from Atlantis and other famous lost cities, such as the ones recently found underwater near the coasts of Japan, India and South America, have passed to us through the ages and different cultures, and from Egypt, Japan and India to Europe and North America.

Although these mysteries have been somehow distorted by misunderstandings and assumptions rooted in deceptive appearances, many of them were shared through mystical, selective and secretive schools, such as the Pythagorean Brotherhood, ending up falling in the hands of many famous societies, which, more or less conscious about the truth, try to understand them with whatsoever is available to allow the awakening of the seekers with higher insights.

The gnostic mysteries of the middle-east, despite the amount of fatal mistakes of the many orders that ended up either vanishing or allowing the destruction of extremely important texts from our history, did found a way into Europe, a result from which the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz represents a written testimony of such evidence.

Within the same lineage, gnosticism became part of the French Order of the Knights Templar, later turning into the Portuguese Order of Christ, British Freemasonry and German Rosicrucianism, among other orders sharing the same torch of liberty, in a constant, sometimes maniac, need for enlightenment, that rapidly expanded throughout the world, bonded by fiercely conquests and wealthy agreements.

What some perceived as the way, others saw as a meaning. The Goddess, in many cases, became accepted as a virgin, and while to many Christians she's an object of worship, for the mystics she is the representation of the ultimate goal, a final stage which Christian Rosenkreutz deliberately named as being a wedding.

A wedding this is for a medieval mind that can't go further in the descriptions without self-destroying itself with perversity along a path that requires purity of thought. But this path requires, nonetheless, sexual energy, reason why Aleister Crowley seemed to be obsessed with the study of it, eventually applying his conclusions to rewrite the rituals of the Austrian Ordo Templi Orients.

On the other hand, although many cultures still cannot understand the relation between sex and spirituality, in India this connection remained as clear as the need to research sex as a path to a higher kingdom, a perspective which became manifested with the creation of the kamasutra.

Although in Hinduism kamasutra is the philosophy (sutra) that allows bringing the Goddess of Love and Pleasure (Kama) to our existence, or the art of making love to the Goddess for those that can accept this perspective, in Islam this order was inverted and became perceived as the need to unite with 72 virgins in paradise.

The virgins represent the ultimate appreciation and love of the Goddess, an eternal matrimony and a climax, so profound and overwhelming that can't be seen without an utterly attitude of respect, the same respect that Christian Rosenkreutz shown in his writings.

Beyond the mirage proposed by the Virgin mother of a savior, the imaginary wedding with a Queen of the spiritual world or many other tales that humanity has become accustomed with, either in secrecy or not, either concealed in symbols or openly shown to whoever can see it, the story here shown unveils more than mankind was ever able to accept. Indeed, this is a story about alchemy. And yet, it can't be reduced to such or any other terminology, as it's more beautiful than any word. This is the beautiful story of the Chymical Seduction, a tale of courage towards a wider cosmic truth that embraces time, space, energy and the physical world on earth.

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