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Website Optimization

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Step-by-step instructions for executing a website testing andoptimization plan Website optimization is can be an overwhelming end... Lire la suite
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Step-by-step instructions for executing a website testing andoptimization plan Website optimization is can be an overwhelming endeavor due tothe fact that it encompasses so many strategic and technicalissues. However, this hands-on, task-based book demystifies thispotentially intimidating topic by offering smart, practical, andtested instructions for developing, implementing, managing, andtracking website optimization efforts. After you learn how toestablish an optimization framework, you then dive into learninghow to develop a plan, test appropriately and accurately, interpretthe results, and optimize in order to maximize conversion rates andimprove profits. * Zeroes in on fundamentals such as understanding key metrics,choosing analytics tools, researching visitors and their onsitebehavior, and crafting a plan for what to test and optimize * Walks you through testing and optimizing specific web pagesincluding the homepage, entry and exit pages, product and pricingpages, as well as the shopping cart and check-out process * Guides you through important optimization areas such asoptimizing text and images * Addresses advanced topics including paid search optimization,Facebook fan page optimization, rich media, and more * Includes a companion website that features expanded examples,additional resources, tool reviews, and other relatedinformation Full of interesting case studies and helpful examples drawn fromthe author's own experience, Website Optimization: An Hour aDay is the complete solution for anyone who wants to get thebest possible results from their web page.


About the Author

Rich Page is a Conversion Specialist at Adobe, working with Fortune 500 clients to help improve their website optimization strategies. Rich has been analyzing, testing, and improving websites for over 10 years and has previously worked for Disney Online in their web analytics and optimization team. He has a unique background of online marketing, web usability, and analytics, and has a popular web analytics and optimization blog at He is also a regular speaker at industry conferences and the coauthor of Landing Page Optimization, Second Edition.

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Optimize Your Website, Conversion Rates, and Revenue

A Step-by-Step Guide

Captivate your website visitors, supercharge your conversion rates, and beat your online competition with this detailed guide to all aspects of website optimization. This hands-on resource steps you through the tools, best practices, test ideas, and strategies needed to improve and generate more revenue from any kind of website. From optimizing calls-to-action and text to using advanced personalization and targeting techniques, you'll dive into all the crucial areas of this exciting new field. This book's unique approach incorporates best practices from web analytics, web usability, and online marketing to help you get the most out of your optimization efforts.

  • Optimize everything, from your homepage and checkout flows to navigation, forms, and other crucial functionality
  • Analyze your visitors and their on-site behavior so you can better engage and convert them
  • Create better test plans and optimization strategies to make sure your efforts succeed
  • Take advantage of advanced optimization techniques for mobile pages, email marketing, and more
  • Personalize and target your website to better fit your visitors' needs, lifting conversions even further
  • Influence your visitors using powerful trust, social proof, scarcity, and reciprocity techniques
  • Establish an optimization process and organization framework that drives better results quicker
  • Combine best practices of web analytics, web usability, and online marketing to improve your results

You'll also find:

  • Over 75 great tools to help you optimize your website
  • Website optimization checklist to gauge your current efforts
  • Success metrics and conversion goals for any kind of website
  • Details of a testing team critical for your optimization efforts
  • Example of a high-impact test strategy that any website can use

Advance Praise for Website Optimization: An Hour a Day

If you want to learn how to supercharge your website business performance, this is the book you've been waiting for. It's practical, actionable advice delivered from a master practitioner.

Lance Loveday, CEO, Closed Loop Marketing and author of Web Design for ROI

In nine exciting chapters Rich shows you, soup to nuts, exactly how to leverage usability, testing, and web analytics to transform your organization and achieve magnificent success!

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google, and author of Web Analytics 2.0

This book is a must-read for companies serious about site optimization whether you are new to the game or have tried it in the past. Follow Rich's steps to avoid the common mistakes that will derail your efforts!

Jason Burby, Chief Performance Marketing Officer, ZAAZ/Possible Worldwide

Rich Page provides a detailed road map for creating a powerful conversion improvement practice at your company. Get this book before your competition does!

Tim Ash, Chair of Conversion Conference, CEO of SiteTuners, and author of Landing Page Optimization


Foreword xxi

Introduction xxiii

Chapter 1 Setting the Website Optimization Scene 1

Introduction to Website Optimization 2

The Rise of Website Optimization: The Aftermath of the Dot-com Bubble Bursting 4

The Differences between Landing Page Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Website Testing, and Website Optimization 6

The Difference between Website Optimization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) 7

Chapter 2 Set Up and Improve Usage of Key Web Analytics and Testing Tools 9

Week 1: Learn the Importance of and Set Up an Analytics Tool 10

Monday: Understand the Need for Web Analytics Data to Help Website Optimization Efforts 10

Tuesday: Select a Web Analytics Tool for Your Website 11

Wednesday: Implement Your Web Analytics Tool and Test to Make Sure It's Working Correctly 15

Thursday: Know How to Set Up Your Website Conversion Goals 17

Friday: Set Up Key Segments of Visitors to Monitor and Target 19

Week 2: Find Your Website Conversion Rate, Success Metrics, Benchmark, and Set Targets 23

Monday: Check Your Current Traffic Levels and Set Targets 24

Tuesday: Check Your Website's Overall Conversion Rate and Set Targets 24

Wednesday: Check Your Repeat Visit Rate and Set a Target 25

Thursday: Find Specific Success Metrics for Your Website Type and Benchmark 26

Friday: Set Targets for Your Success Metrics 30

Week 3: Learn the Importance of and Set Up a Website Testing Tool 31

Monday: Understand the Importance of Having a Testing Tool 31

Tuesday: Familiarize Yourself with the Available Website Testing Tools 32

Wednesday: Determine a Budget and Understand Possible Technical Barriers for Tool Selection 36

Thursday: Implement Your Testing Tool, Setup, and QA Test Campaigns 38

Friday: Understand Web Testing Tool Terminology, Concepts, and Reports 40

Chapter 3 Lay the Foundations for Optimization Success 47

Week 4: Learn Key Optimization Fundamentals to Help You Succeed 48

Monday: Identify Your Company's Current Website Optimization Performance 48

Tuesday: Evangelize and Create an Analytics and Optimization Culture 51

Wednesday: Prepare a Better Initial Website Optimization Strategy 54

Thursday: Create Detailed Test Plans 56

Friday: Consider Test OutsourcingWhen and Why 58

Week 5: Understand and Create an Optimization Organization 61

Monday: Find an Executive Sponsor for Your Optimization Efforts 61

Tuesday: Gain Buy-in from Key Stakeholders 62

Wednesday: Assemble a Dedicated Optimization Team 66

Thursday: Integrate Testing and Optimization Web Processes into Your Company 70

Friday: Communicate, Review, and Iterate 72

Week 6: Learn Testing Best Practices to Improve Your Success 75

Monday: Use an Insightful, Hypothesis-Driven, and Iterative Testing Approach 75

Tuesday: Learn Strategies for Creating Effective Tests 77

Wednesday: Learn the Power of Targeting and Personalization for Improving Conversions 83

Thursday: Avoid Common Mistakes When Creating and Running Your Tests 89

Friday: Learn How to Analyze Results and Determine a Test Winner 92

Chapter 4 Understand Your Visitors and Their Needsthe Keys to Website Optimization 95

Week 7: Create Personas and Use Cases for Your Main Visitor Needs 96

Monday: Put Yourself in Your Visitor's Shoes to Help Create Personas and Use Cases 96

Tuesday: Create Some Simple Personas for Your Visitors 97

Wednesday: Create Use Cases for Your Website 99

Thursday: Re-create the Use Cases on Your Website and Grade the Ease of Doing So 101

Friday: Learn How to Get Even Greater Value from Your Use Cases 102

Week 8: Create a Unique Value Proposition and Clearly Promote It 103

Monday: Understand Your Current Unique Value Proposition from Your Visitor's Perspective 103

Tuesday: Survey Your Visitors to Help Create Your Value Proposition 104

Wednesday: Learn from Competitor Websites to Improve Your Value Proposition 104

Thursday: Create or Improve the Unique Val...

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