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Geostatistics Banff 2004

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The return of the congress to North America after 20 years of absence could not have been in a more ideal location. The beauty of... Lire la suite
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The return of the congress to North America after 20 years of absence could not have been in a more ideal location. The beauty of Banff and the many offerings of the Rocky Mountains was the perfect background for a week of interesting and innovative discussions on the past, present and future of geostatistics. The congress was well attended with approximately 200 delegates from 19 countries across six continents. There was a broad spectrum of students and seasoned geostatisticians who shared their knowledge in many areas of study including mining, petroleum, and environmental applications. You will find 119 papers in this two volume set. All papers were presented at the congress and have been peer-reviewed. They are grouped by the different sessions that were held in Banff and are in the order of presentation. These papers provide a permanent record of different theoretical perspectives from the last four years. Not all of these ideas will stand the test of time and practice; however, their originality will endure. The practical applications in these proceedings provide nuggets of wisdom to those struggling to apply geostatistics in the best possible way. Students and practitioners will be digging through these papers for many years to come. Oy Leuangthong Clayton V. Deutsch ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank the industry sponsors who contributed generously to the overall success and quality of the congress: De Beers Canada Earth Decision Sciences Maptek Chile Ltda. Mira Geoscience Nexen Inc. Petro-Canada Placer Dome Inc.


Dr. Oy Leuangthong & Dr. Clayton V. Deutsch co-direct the Centre for Computational Geostatistics (CCG)

Members of:

SME (Society of Mining Engineers)

SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers)

IAMG (International Association of Mathematical Geology)

APPEGA (The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta)

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The conference proceedings consist of approximately 120 technical papers presented at the Seventh International Geostatistics Congress held in Banff, Alberta, Canada in 2004. All the papers were reviewed by an international panel of leading geostatisticians.

The five major sections are: theory, mining, petroleum, environmental and other applications. The first section showcases new and innovative ideas in the theoretical development of geostatistics as a whole; these ideas will have large impact on (1) the directions of future geostatistical research, and (2) the conventional approaches to heterogeneity modelling in a wide range of natural resource industries. The next four sections are focused on applications and innovations relating to the use of geostatistics in specific industries. Historically, mining, petroleum and environmental industries have embraced the use of geostatistics for uncertainty characterization, so these three industries are identified as major application areas. The last section is open for innovative geostatistical application to address the issues and impact of uncertainty in other industries.


Researchers and practitioners both in industry and academia, working in the fields of geology, petroleum, mining, and environmental science and engineering.





Table OF Contents



Foreword xv

Acknowledgements xvi

List of Participants xvii



Accounting for Geological Boundary for Simulation of Multiple Rock Types

P. Larrondo and C.V. Deutsch 3

Data Integration using the Probability Perturbation Method

J. Caers 13

Spectral Component Geologic Modeling: A New Technology for Integrating Seismic Information at the Correct Scale

T. Yao, C. Calvert, G. Bishop, T. Jones, Y. Ma and L. Foreman 23

Joint Simulations, Optimal Drillhole Spacing and the Role of the Stockpile

A. Boucher, R. Dimitrakopoulos and J. A. Vargas-Guzmán 35

Theory of the Cloud Transform for Applications

O. Kolbjørnsen and P. Abrahamsen 45

P-field Simulation: A Retrospective

R. Froidevaux and R. M. Srivastava 55

Sequential Spatial Simulation Using Latin Hypercube Sampling

P. C. Kyriakidis 65

Field Scale Stochastic Modeling of Fracture Networks: Combining Pattern Statistics with Geomechanical Criteria for Fracture Growth

X. Liu and S. Srinivasan 75

Direct Geostatistical Simulation on Unstructured Grids

J. Manchuk, O. Leuangthong and C. V. Deutsch 85

Directional Metropolis: Hastings Updates for Posteriors with Non-linear Likelihoods

H. Tjelmeland and J. Eidsvik 95

Detection of Local Anomalies in High Resolution Hyperspectural Imagery using Geostatistical Filtering and Local Spatial Statistics

P. Goovaerts 105

Covariance Models with Spectral Additive Components

D. Marcotte and M. Powojowski 115

A Statistical Technique for Modelling Non-stationary Spatial Processes

J. Stephenson, C. Holmes and K. Gallagher 125

Conditioning Geostatistical Simulation Models in the Presence of Highly Non-linear Geologic Structure

M. J. Pyrcz and C. V. Deutsch 135

3D Geological Modelling and Uncertainty: The Potential Field Method

C. Aug, J.-P. Chilés, G. Courrioux and C. Lajaunie 145

Accounting for Non-Stationarity and Interactions in Object Simulation for Reservoir Heterogeneity Characterization

D. Allard, R. Froidevaux and P. Biver 155

Estimating the Trace Length Distribution of Fractures from Line Sampling Data

C. Lantuéjoul, H. Beucher, J.P. Chilés, P. Elion, C. Lajaunie and

H. Wackernagel 165

On Some Controversial Issues of Geostatistical Simulation

L. Y. Hu and M. L. Ravalec-Dupin 175

On the Automatic Inference and Modelling of a Set of Indicator Covariances and Cross-Covariances

E. Pardo-Igúzquiza and P. A. Dowd 185

On Simplifications of Cokriging

J. Rivoirard 195

Efficient Simulation Techniques for Uncertainty Quantification on Continuous Variables: A Process Preserving the Bounds, including Uncertainty on Data, Uncertainty on Average, and Local Uncertainty

P. Biver 205

Higher Order Models using Entropy, Markov Random Fields and Sequential Simulation

C. Daly 215

Beyond Covariance: The Advent of Multiple-Point Geostatistics

A. G. Journel 225

Non-Stationary Multiple-Point Geostatistical Models

S. Strebelle and T. Zhang 235

A Workflow for Multiple-Point Geostatistical Simulation

Y. Liu, A. Harding and R. Gilbert 245

A Multiple-scale, Pattern-based Approach to Sequential Simulation

B. G. Arpat and J. Caers 255

Sequential Conditional Simulation by Identification of Training Patterns


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