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Negotiating Climate Change Adaptation

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This book discusses the history of the Group of 77 and China's negotiating position on adaptation to climate change in the contex... Lire la suite
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This book discusses the history of the Group of 77 and China's negotiating position on adaptation to climate change in the context of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It also addresses a number of questions that have arisen, such as: What was the process for constructing a collective position of the G77 and China on adaptation? Why is it worthwhile to negotiate in a group of such dimensions? What are the incentives for reaching the broadest common position on adaptation? What is the role of the leading coordinators, and how is this linked to the rotating annual Presidency of the G77 and China? And, how do the subgroups of the G77 participate in reaching this general position?

Written by former and current adaptation negotiators from developing countries, the book offers various perspectives from the subgroups and leading coordinators of the G77 and China as well as other organizations. Furthermore, in contrast to previous analyses on climate change negotiations, which focus mainly on the behaviour or position of one group, it presents a unique approach based on the strength of collectivism in the G77 and China.

The book appeals to practitioners and professionals as well as scientists in climate change management and policy, impacts and adaptation, international relations, as well as diplomacy and development.





First Part: How to build a climate change adaptation position in the UNFCCC being a developing country: The subgroups of the G77 and China

Chapter 1: AOSIS. Authors: Orville Grey, Pasha Carruthers, Linda Siegele

Chapter 2: AGN. Authors: Kulthoum Omari, Sumaya Zakieldeen and Patience Damptey

Chapter 3: LDC. Authors: Gebru Jamber, Cecilia Silva and Thinley Namgyel

Chapter 4: Arab Group. Authors: Hamid AlSadoon, Nasser Alshareef

Chapter 5: LMDC. Authors: Min Peng

Chapter 6: AILAC. Authors: Laura Juliana Arciniegas Rojas and Julio Cordano

Chapter 7: ABU. Authors: Ignacio Lorenzo and María del Pilar Bueno

Second Part: The leading coordinators of the G77 and China on Climate Change Adaptation

Chapter 8: From the Cancun Adaptation Framework to the Paris Agreement. Lucas Di Pietro and Juan Hoffmaister

Chapter 9: The Paris Agreement negotiations. How did we arrive at article 7 of the Agreement? Ignacio Lorenzo

Chapter 10: The implementation phase of the Paris Agreement. The climate change adaptation provisions. María del Pilar Bueno

Third Part: The developing countries' efforts to build joint positions on climate change adaptation. The advocacy perspective.

Chapter 11: TWN and South Center. Authors: Indrajit Bose and Meena Raman

Chapter 12: IISD; ODI. Author: Erin Roberts

Chapter 13: WRI. Author: Christina Chan

Chapter 14: ActionAid. Author: Harjeet Singh

Chapter 15: Care International. Author: Sven Harmeling

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Titre: Negotiating Climate Change Adaptation
Sous-titre: The Common Position of the Group of 77 and China
EAN: 9783030410216
Format: eBook (pdf)
Producteur: Springer International Publishing
Genre: Géologie
Parution: 23.04.2020
Protection contre la copie numérique: filigrane numérique
Taille de fichier: 1.79 MB
Nombre de pages: 136

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