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Coaching: A Realistic Perspective is the ideal textbook for anyone entering the coaching profession of any sport. More than detai... Lire la suite
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Coaching: A Realistic Perspective is the ideal textbook for anyone entering the coaching profession of any sport. More than detailing the duties and tasks of a coach, this book explores the often-overlooked issues and responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with coaching: relationships among players, parents, and fans; ethical and moral issues and controversies; off-season housekeeping duties; and concerns particular to head and assistant coaches as well as single and married coaches. Similar to its previous edition, the eleventh edition includes end-of-chapter discussion questions to help inspire debate over common coaching issues.

This edition has been updated to reflect the impact of social media on the coaching profession, including how it can be used in good, positive ways and how it can be detrimental to coaches and athletes if not used properly. It also features updated material on the issue of hazing, a huge concern today in all levels of athletics.

Michael D. Sabock was an assistant football coach in charge of special teams at Western Michigan University. In addition to coaching, he also served as the recruiting coordinator.

Ralph J. Sabock passed away in 2010. He taught professional preparation courses, including Methods and Principles of Coaching, at Pennsylvania State University.


Chapter 1: Coaches, Athletes, and Ethics
Ethical Standards
Ethical Dilemmas
Professional Ethics
Recruiting Ethics

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Coaching Profession
Perceptions of High School Athletics
Is Coaching the Career for You?
Considerations in the Life of a Coach
Applying for a Coaching Position
Points of Decision in Your Professional Career

Chapter 3: Special Relationships
Other Coaches
Assistant Coaches
Band Director
Guidance Counselors
School Secretaries
Members of the Community
Members of the Press
Athletic Equipment Salespersons

Chapter 4: Desirable Qualities of a Coach
Transparent Realism
Ability to Organize
Ability to Motivate
Willingness to Make Hard Choices/Decisions
Ability to Discipline
Ability to Identify Goals
Ability to Recognize Athletic Talent
Ability to Use Available Talent
Desire to Win
Dislike of Mediocrity
Ability to Reason
Interest in Individuals
Willingness to Work
Knowledge of the Sport
Understanding Boys and Girls
Knowing What Makes the Difference between Winning and Losing
Ability to Foster Pride
Proper Use of Language
Moral Standards
Courage of Your Convictions
Ethical Standards
Good Judgment
Sense of Humor
Having a Plan for Everything

Chapter 5: The Roles of a Head Coach
Public Relations Expert
Guidance Counselor
Judge and Jury
Mother Figure/Father Figure
Fund Raiser
Chief Executive
Equipment Manager
Citizen of the Community
Citizen of the School

Chapter 6: The Assistant Coach
Philosophical Differences
Applying for the Job
Desirable Qualities of an Assistant Coach

Chapter 7: Considerations for Married Coaches, Families, and Single Coaches
A Comparison of Male and Female Married Coaches
The Married Female Coach
The Married Male Coach
The Single Coach

Chapter 8: The Recruiting Process
The Recruiting Process
Dealing with Recruiters
Advising Students
Illegal Recruiting

Chapter 9: Off-Season Planning
Evaluating the Past Season
Conducting an Equipment Inventory
Preparing a Budget
Purchasing Equipment
Providing Strength Training
Choosing Student Helpers
Preparing a Checklist for Required Paperwork
Establishing Practice Times
Dealing with Family Vacations
Meeting with Prospective Players
Corresponding with Players and Parents
Conducting a Parent Clinic
Arranging for Medical Care at Athletic Events
Staff Clinic
Organizing Your Staff
Issuing Equipment
Ordering Mouth Guards
Arranging for Classrooms
Briefing the Athletic Director
Creating Player Notebooks
A Coach's Checklist
Selecting Team Captains
Planning a Media Day
Working with Custodians
Planning Preseason Practice Games/Meets/Events
Scheduling Athletic Banquets
The First Team Meeting
Team Clinic

Chapter 10: Final Preparation for the Season
Staff Meetings
Staff Clinic
Coaching Assignments
Practice Procedures and Policies
Training Rules
Conduct of Players and Coaches
Coaches' Personal Appearance
Scouting Assignments
Cutting Players
Travel Conduct
Student Helpers
Pregame and Postgame Procedures
Pep Rallies
Practice Plans
Picking the Team
Written Tests
Team Meeting

Chapter 11: Issues, Problems, and Concerns in Athletics

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Titre: Coaching
EAN: 9781442270718
ISBN: 978-1-4422-7071-8
Format: eBook (epub)
Producteur: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Editeur: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Genre: Sport
Parution: 05.01.2017
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Taille de fichier: 16.13 MB
Nombre de pages: 364
Année: 2017
Edition: Eleventh Edition