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The painful agony of the Evolutionist Myth

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The author of this e-book is an engineer and physicist who specialized in space technologies. After a few years at the European Sp... Lire la suite
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The author of this e-book is an engineer and physicist who specialized in space technologies. After a few years at the European Space Agency, he occupied for some 30 years the position of director of studies in a Paris-based industrial think tank. He is the father of ten children. After his retirement, he endeavored to obtain a degree in theology in an academic institution frequented by numerous seminarians and members of religious orders. He was appalled by what he discovered there.It has been said that in the Bible everything can be put in doubt with the exception of the footnotes. This is exactly what he found out. Where he had expected to receive an in-depth intellectual introduction to theological matters, he found himself subjected to a sort of brain washing aiming at replacing all what he had learned in his childhood and in a lifetime as a practicing catholic by the most futile modern fantasies and in particular by the imaginations of the theory of evolution.Evolution is for our time what Arianism was in the first centuries: the major heresy. It is even more than an heresy, an anti-theology which attributes to materialistic processes what used to be and should always be attributed to God's power and love. Nevertheless a large crowd of theologians, exegetes, professors and bishops adhere to this theory with an enthusiasm that they justify by claiming that science has proven its adequation to reality without any doubt. Evolution is more than a theory, they claim, this is the consensus of the scientists and it would be a sin against truth not to admit it.Refusing to accept that, the author decided to inquire about the scientific foundations of evolution. He quickly discovered that not only were such foundations most unconvincing, but that several of the most vocal defenders of the theory candidly admitted the patent absurdity of some of its constructs (Richard Lewontin) and that their aim was purely ideological or rather anti-religious.The results of his work were published in two books : 'La terrible Responsabilité de l'exégèse moderne dans la crise de l'Église' (Edilivre, Paris, 2015) and 'Modern Exegesis, the Theory of Evolution and the Decline of Catholicism in the West' (2016, Available on Amazon).The present e-book summarizes the scientific arguments opposing evolution with a special focus on the time line of the beginnings of mankind.

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Titre: The painful agony of the Evolutionist Myth
Sous-titre: Scientific Weaknesses of the Evolution Theory
Code EAN: 9783739646046
ISBN: 978-3-7396-4604-6
Protection contre la copie numérique: filigrane numérique
Format: eBook (epub)
Editeur: BookRix
Genre: Sciences naturelles en général
nombre de pages: 382
Parution: 31.03.2016
Année: 2016
Sous-titre: Englisch
Taille de fichier: 4.7 MB