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Lymphocyte Activation and Differentiation

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Frontmatter -- PREFACE -- CONTENTS -- INTRODUCTION -- Fundamental and Clinical Aspects of Lymphocyte Activation and Differentiatio... Lire la suite
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Frontmatter -- PREFACE -- CONTENTS -- INTRODUCTION -- Fundamental and Clinical Aspects of Lymphocyte Activation and Differentiation -- PLENARY LECTURE -- Oncogenes and Multistep Carcinogenesis -- SYMPOSIA BIOCHEMICAL AND CELLULAR ASPECTS OF LYMPHOCYTE ACTIVATION -- Biochemical and Molecular Events Controlled by Lymphoid and Myeloid Growth Factors -- PGE2 Inhibition of Human T Lymphocytes Proliferation: Regulatory Effect of PGE2 on the Intra-Cellular Signaling Pathways -- Structure-Function Relationships for the Interleukin 2 Receptor -- Monovalent Cation Fluxes as Regulators of Critical Nuclear Events in Lymphocyte Activation: Mirror Image Processes in Differentiation and Proliferation -- Diacylglycerol, Calcium, cAMP and cGMP Mediate Qualitatively Distinct Protein Kinase C Translocation Events in Normal B Lymphocytes -- Phosphorylation of Prosolin and Leucocyte Growth Regulation -- DIFFERENTIATION OF T AND B LYMPHOCYTES -- Regulation of Human B Cell Function -- The Role of Lymphokines in the Immunoglobulin Class Switch -- Mouse and Human B Cell Activating Factors -- Molecular Cloning of the Murine T11 (CD2) cDNA -- Antigen Expression and Proliferative Activity during B and T Cell Development -- MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF LEUCOCYTES (ANTIGENS, RECEPTORS, INTERLEUKINS) -- The Molecular Biology of the Multisubunit Interleukin-2 Receptor -- Expression and Rearrangement of T Cell Receptor Genes in Human Leukemic T Cell Lines -- The Human T-Cell Rearranging Genes (TRG) -- Immunoglobulin Gene Expression -- Structure and Expression of Mouse Fcy Receptor II (FcyRII) -- VIRUS-INDUCED LYMPHOCYTE DYSFUNCTIONS -- The Impact of the Presence of EBV on the Interaction of B Cell Lines with T Lymphocytes -- Induction of B Cell Activation Markers by Epstein-Barr Virus -- Production of Interleukin-1 (IL1) by EBV-Infected Cells -- DNA-Mediated Gene Transfer of Epstein-Barr Virus Receptor onto Murine Fibroblasts -- ACCESSORY CELL FUNCTIONS -- Modulation of IL1 Receptor Expression by IL1, Prostaglandins and Glucocorticoids -- Tumor Necrosis Factors: Modulation of Synthesis and Biological Activities -- Analysis of the Structure and Function of Immunectin -- Natural Effector Cells of the Intestinal Epithelium: Ontogeny, Function, and Regulation -- Analysis of Ia-Transfected Fibroblasts: Antibody and T Cell Recognition Sites Segregate with the 31 Domain of the E3 Polypeptide Chain -- WORKSHOPS WORKSHOP A. GROWTH AND DIFFERENTIATION FACTORS -- Inhibition by Cyclosporin A of the IL2 Dependent Autocrine Growth in a Human Tumor T Cell Line and Fate of IL2 Receptors after Endocytosis -- Interleukin B, a B Cell-Derived Lymphokine -- Induction and Enhancement of Lymphokine Gene Expression in Human T Cell Clones Transfected with HTLV-I pX cDNA -- Evidence for a Human B Cell Activating Factor Acting on Resting B Lymphocytes -- Splicing Intermediates of the IL-2 Receptor (p55 Subunit) -- The Role of Plasminogen Activator in Regulating T Cell Proliferation and Interferon Production -- Membrane and Soluble IL2-R Produced by Human T Cell Clones: A Comparative Study -- Phenotype and Cytokines Production by Human Myeloma Cell Lines -- B + Null Cell-Derived Prothymocyte Differentiating Activity (PTDA): Biological Properties and Physicochemical Characterization -- TDM-Activated Macrophages Produce a Cytostatic Factor Distinct from TNF, IFN,, and IL-1 -- Characterization of a Factor Produced by Human Alloreactive T Cell Clones -- WORKSHOP B. MECHANISMS OF AUTOIMMUNITY -- Effector Mechanisms of Autoimmune Diseases -- T Cell Response to Myelin Basic Protein in Healthy Subjects and Multiple Sclerosis Patients -- Active T Cell Regulation of Autoimmune Responses in Autoimmune and "Nonautoimmune" Spleen Cell Populations -- Interleukin-2 Receptor Targeted Immunotherapy of Autoimmune Diseases: Treatment Strategies for Type I Diabetes -- Protection of Non-Obese Diabetic (NOD) Mice from Insulitis by Neonatal Injection of F1 Spleen Cells -- WORKSHOP C. ONCOGENES AND LEUCOCYTE TRANSFORMATION -- Complex Transcriptional Regulation of Nuclear Proto Oncogenes: Existence of a Block to Elongation in C-Myc and C-Fos Genes -- Determinants of C-Fos and C-Myc mRNAs Instability -- Cloning and Functional Analysis of the Human C-fms Gene -- Effects of Proliferative (Interleukin, Colony Stimulating Factors) and Antiproliferative (Cyclic AMP, Interferon) Signals on Gene Expression in Myeloid and Lymphoid Cell Lines -- The Progession to Tumourigenes is Following Transformation of Murine Myelomonocytic Cell by V-Myc -- HTLV-I Infection of a Human Antigen Specific Proliferating/Cytotoxic T Cell Clone Results in a Loss of Cytotoxicity but does not Affect the T Cell Receptor -- WORKSHOP D. EXPERIMENTAL MODELS OF IMMUNOMODULATION -- Roles of Monokines in the Nonspecific Host Defence Stimulated by Exogenous Agents -- Enhancement of the Immune Response Using a Synthetic B-Lymphocyte Mitogen Covalently Linked to Antigens -- Effects of in vivo Treatment of Mice with Anti-Murine T3 A...

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Titre: Lymphocyte Activation and Differentiation
Sous-titre: Fundamental and Clinical Aspects. Proceedings of the 18th International Leucocyte Culture Conference. La Grande Motte, France, June 19-24, 1987
EAN: 9783110850253
Format: eBook (pdf)
Producteur: Gruyter, Walter de GmbH
Genre: Biochimie, biophysique
Parution: 07.08.2019
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Nombre de pages: 981