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New Environmentalism

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This book explains the role of New Zealand's environmental agencies and regulatory legislation, taking in the impact of internati... Lire la suite
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This book explains the role of New Zealand's environmental agencies and regulatory legislation, taking in the impact of international agreements and treaties. It traces the fortunes of sustainable policy approaches and analyzes the activities of the public agencies charged with managing the environment. Moving on to a detailed thematic status report on New Zealand's environment, it examines rural, freshwater, coastal, oceanic, atmospheric and urban zones. Finally, chapters detail public perceptions and normative environmental values as well as the depth of business commitment to environmental responsibility. An ideal introduction to the topic for a diverse range of scholars, the book eschews any specific theoretical framework in charting the recent evolution, current operation and future trajectory of environmentalism in New Zealand. It backs strategic advice with both social and ecological data, and raises questions over the country's reputation for greenness at the same time as recognizing its numerous achievements. With neat summaries of key issues at the end of each chapter, expansive guidance on further reading, and a multitude of examples ideal for classroom debate, this volume gives us an informed, objective, and wide-ranging appraisal on a topic of increasing centrality in the policy debate.


Chris de Freitas is an associate professor in the School of Environment, University of Auckland and Martin Perry is an associate professor in the School of Management, Massey University (Wellington).



1. The New Zealand Environment

1.1 The Setting

1.2 New Environmentalism

1.3 New Zealand and New Environmentalism

1.4 Maori and Environmental Management

1.5 Conclusion

Study Guide

2. Alternative Approaches to Environmental Management

2.1 Environmental Management

2.2 Standards and Permits

2.3 Economic Instruments

2.4 Voluntary Initiatives

2.5 Policy Selection

2.6 Conclusion

Study Guide

3. Agencies and Laws

3.1 Reform of Environmental Management

3.2 Central Government Agencies

3.3 Local Government Agencies

3.4 Non-Government Organisations

3.5 Maori and Resource Management

3.6 The Legislation Framework

3.7 Resource Management Act 1991

3.8 Participation in International Environmental Agreements

3.9 Conclusion

Study Guide

4. Principles and Indicators

4.1 Principles of Environmental Management

4.2 Monitoring the State of the Environment

4.3 Composite Indicators

4.4 Environmental Indicators and Reporting in New Zealand

4.5 Conclusion

Study Guide

5. The Land

5.1 The Setting

5.2 Land Degradation

5.3 The Conservation Estate

5.4 Biodiversity

5.5 Maori

5.6 Conclusion

Study Guide

6. Freshwater

6.1 Conceptual Overview

6.2 The Water Resource and Pressures on it

6.3 Managing Freshwater

6.4 Nutrient Contamination

6.5 Rivers

6.6 Lakes

6.7 Groundwater

6.8 Drinking Water

6.9 Conclusion

Study Guide

7. Ocean and Coast

7.1 Physical Setting

7.2 Coastal Waters

7.3 Fisheries

7.4 State of the Fisheries

7.5 Maori

7.6 Oceans Policy

7.7 Marine Invasive Species

7.8 Marine Reserves

7.9 Conclusion

Study Guide

8. The Air

8.1 Climate

8.2 Climate Change

8.3 Monitoring and Managing Air quality

8.4 Greenhouse Gases

8.5 Energy

8.6 Conclusion

Study Guide

9. Urban Environment

9.1 Urban New Zealand

9.2 Cities and economic development

9.3 Local government planning

9.4 Urban structure and sustainability

9.5 Waste

9.6 Conclusion

Study Guide

10. Reflections and Prospects

10.1 What do others think?

10. 2 New environmentalism and the competition for ideas

10.3 New Zealand environment strengths and weaknesses

10.4 Prospects for green growth

10.5 Community and individual action

10.6 Keeping in touch

Study Guide


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Titre: New Environmentalism
Sous-titre: Managing New Zealand's Environmental Diversity
EAN: 9781402082542
Format: eBook (pdf)
Producteur: Springer Netherlands
Genre: Biologie
Parution: 15.05.2012
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Nombre de pages: 303