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Advances in Water Resources & Hydraulic Engineering

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'Advances in Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering - Proceedings of 16th IAHR-APD Congress and 3rd Symposium of IAHR-ISHS... Lire la suite
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'Advances in Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering - Proceedings of 16th IAHR-APD Congress and 3rd Symposium of IAHR-ISHS' discusses some serious problems of sustainable development of human society related to water resources, disaster caused by flooding or draught, environment and ecology, and introduces latest research in river engineering and fluvial processes, estuarine and coastal hydraulics, hydraulic structures and hydropower hydraulics, etc. The proceedings covers new research achievements in the Asian-Pacific region in water resources, environmental ecology, river and coastal engineering, which are especially important for developing countries all over the world.

This proceedings serves as a reference for researchers in the field of water resources, water quality, water pollution and water ecology. Changkuan Zhang and Hongwu Tang both are professors at Hohai University, China.

Water Resources and Hydrology.- Distribution of System Deviation in Real Time Correction of Hydraulic Model Combing With Kalman Filter.- Stochastic Modeling and Prediction of the Ganges Flow.- Distributed Water Balance Model in Watershed Coupling with River Dynamic flow Routing Method.- Optimal Determination of the T-Hour Unit Hydrograph by Using Goal Attainment Method.- Sensitivity Analysis of Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Models.- Genetic Programming to Forecast Stream Flow.- Constrained Scaling Approach for Design Rainfall Estimation.- Artificial Neural Network Technique for Raingauge Based Rainfall Nowcasing.- Analysis of the Regional Flow Duration Curve for Dongjiang Basin, South China.- Daily Flow Estimation at Ungauged Regions Based on Regional Flow Duration Curves.- Calibration of the Conceptual Rainfall-Run off Model's Parameters.- Regional Climate Variations in South China Related to Global Climate Change and Local Urbanization.- Flash Flood Hydarologic Processes of a Small Headwater Catchment in Hong Kong.- Application of Vic and A Routing Scheme to Pearl River Basin in South China.- Spatial Interpolation of Rainfall Based on DEM.- A Grid-Based Kinematic Distributed Hydrological Model for Digital River Basin.- Uncertainty on a Short-Term Flood Forecast with Rainfall-Runoff Model.- Study on Safety Proofing of Flood Control in Water System Planning for the New Countryside of Southern Jiangsu.- Numerical Simulation of Flood Estimation for Gis-Based Local Inundation Map.- Analysis on Mass Storm Flood in the Upper Minjiang River Since 1980S.- Numerical Analysis for Evacuation Possibility From Small Underground Space in Urban Flood.- Spatial and Temporal Prediction of Flash Floods in Ungauged Area Based on GIS.- Research of Region Water Security Evaluation by Set Pair Analysis.- Functional Requirements and Deployment Analysis for Multi-Reservoir-Based Flood Control and Management Software System.- Construction of Evaluation Index System and Evaluation Model of Flood Disaster Risk.- Risk Evaluation of the Dahuangpu Flood Detention Area.- Assessment of Safety on Evacuating Route During Underground Flooding.- An Indoor Test for Seepage Characteristic of Crossed Karst Pipe and Fissure.- Numerical Simulation of Upconing and Freshwater Lens Breakage in a Coral Island.- Investigation of Inertial Effect in Simplified Porous Media Flow.- Underground Inundation Analysis by Integrated Urban Flood Model.- Analytical Solution of Groundwater Tidal Response in Estuarine Aquifer.- Groundwater Movement on the Estuarine Deltaic Region of Yangtze River.- Tracing Groundwater With Strontium Isotopic Compositions in the Hexi Corridor Basin, Northwestern China.- Isotopic Exchange of Soil Water in Water Cycle.- Seasonal Change of Groundwater Flow and its Effect on Temperature Distribution in Sendai Plain.- Tentative Hydrologic Soil Classification for Tropical Soils.- Reserach on Inverse Geochemical Simulation of Phreatic Water in Western Jilin Province.- Analysis of Groundwater Function in Western Jilin Province.- Groundwater Numerical Simulation of Multi-Aquifers in Songnen Plain.- The Treatment of Source and Sink Data in Groundwater Numerical Simulation in the North Foot of Tianshan Mountain.- Sequential Prediction of Daily Groundwater Levels by a Neural Network Model Based on Weather Forecasts.- Hydrograph Separations Based on Isotopicchemical Mixing Models.- Site Suitability Analysis for Riverbank Filtration in the Han River, Korea.- Design of Road Surface Drainage Facilities Based on Varied Flow Analysis.- Experimental and Numerical Study on Inundation Flows in Urban Areas.- Experimental and Analytical Study of Hydraulic Fracturing of Cylinder Sample.- Permeability Changes in a Rock Fracture During Coupled Fluid Flow and Chemical Dissolution Processes.- Characteristics of Streamflow Infiltration in the Piedmont Plain of Hebei Province, China.- Estimation of Annual Ground Water Recharge in The Sedimentary Basin of The River Peixe, Paraíba, Brazil.- Numerical Simulation of Urban Waterlogging Disaster Due to Plum Storm.- Development of Dualistic Model for Integrated Water Resources Management in the Haihe River Basin.- The Development and Application of WACM.- Drought and Water Supply Reliability of East River (Dongjiang) Basin in South China.- Connotation of Reservoir sustainable Utilization and Framework of evaluation Index System.- Water Security Scenario Analysis: Methodology and A Case Study.- Regional Low Flow Frequency Analysis Using Bayesian Regression and Prediction at Ungauged Catchment in Korea.- Effects of Gravel and Date-Palm Mulch on Heat Moisture and Salt Movement in a Desert Soil.- The Economic Impacts of Water Shortage During a Drought in Korea: Using Intraregional I-O Analysis.- Evaporativity and Productivity of a New Tubular Solar Still.- Influences of Angstrom's Coefficients on Estimate of Solar Radiation and Reference Evapotranspiration by Penman-Monteith Equation.- A Simple Model to Estimate Wetted So...

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Titre: Advances in Water Resources & Hydraulic Engineering
Sous-titre: Proceedings of 16th IAHR-APD Congress and 3rd Symposium of IAHR-ISHS
Code EAN: 9783540894650
ISBN: 978-3-540-89465-0
Protection contre la copie numérique: filigrane numérique
Format: eBook (pdf)
Editeur: Springer
Genre: Technique
nombre de pages: 2200
Parution: 28.07.2010
Année: 2010
Sous-titre: Englisch
Taille de fichier: 140.7 MB