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Cell Motility in Cancer Invasion and Metastasis

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Cancer Morbidity and mortality result from invasive and metastatic spread. Currently, no therapies are aimed at the underlying mec... Lire la suite
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Cancer Morbidity and mortality result from invasive and metastatic spread. Currently, no therapies are aimed at the underlying mechanisms that enable this progression due to only nascent recognition of the distinct biology which occurs only during tumor dissemination. Recent advances have highlighted the central role of cell motility during the dynamic and transient process of tumor invasion and metastasis. This book includes state-of-the-art updates by international leaders in these studies. Chapters first present the novel model systems that enable new investigations and insights. Chapters then describe in depth the key processes and molecules that may be therapeutically targeted. Finally, the role of cell motility and its signals is explored in a number of key tumor types. This compilation should be useful to researchers in basic and translational oncology as well as those developing novel agents to prevent tumor invasion and metastasis.

Chapter 1 Motility in tumor invasion and metastasis an overview; Alan Wells Chapter 2 In vitro matrices for studying tumor cell invasion; Kun Yuan, Raj K. Singh, Gabriel Rezonzew and Gene P. Siegal Chapter 3 Imaging invasion and metastasis in vivo; Wendy Ingman, Jeffrey Wyckoff, Chengsen Xue, Elaine Y. Lin, Weigang Wang, Sumanta Goswami, Jeffrey W. Pollard, John Condeelis, and Jeffrey E. Segall Chapter 4 Imaging invasion and metastasis ex vivo; Clayton Yates, Donna Stolz and Linda Griffith Chapter 5 Autocrine growth factor signaling in motility; Elizabeth J. Joslin and Douglas A. Lauffenburger Chapter 6 Scatter factors in tumor progression; Paolo Comoglio and Carla Boccaccio Chapter 7 Metalloproteinases in tumor progression; William Stetler-Stevenson and Dong-Wan Seo Chapter 8 Dynamic functions of the a6b4 integrin in carcinoma; Isaac Rabinovitz and Art Mercurio Chapter 9 Rho GTPases in cell motility and tumorigenesis; Amra Hajdo-Milainovic, Alexander E. Mertens, Irene H.L. Hamelers and John Collard Chapter 10 Glioblastoma cell motility: the role of FAK and cellular src; Michelle R. Stettner, Meera Natarajan and Candece Gladson Chapter 11 Motility in head and neck carcinoma; Sufi M. Thomas and Jennifer Grandis Chapter 12 Motility in melanoma progression; Anja K. Bosserhoff Chapter 13 Cell motility in prostate cancer invasion and metastasis; Sourabh Kharait, Kien Tran, Clayton Yates and Alan Wells

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Titre: Cell Motility in Cancer Invasion and Metastasis
Code EAN: 9781402040092
ISBN: 978-1-4020-4009-2
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Format: eBook (pdf)
Editeur: Springer
Genre: Médecine
nombre de pages: 354
Parution: 22.06.2006
Année: 2006
Sous-titre: Englisch
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