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Whose Peace? Critical Perspectives on the Political Economy of Peacebuilding

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The book provides critical perspectives that reach beyond the technical approaches of international financial institutions and pro... Lire la suite
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The book provides critical perspectives that reach beyond the technical approaches of international financial institutions and proponents of the liberal peace formula. It investigates political economies characterized by the legacies of disruption to production and exchange, by population displacement, poverty, and by 'criminality'.


MICHAEL PUGH Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Bradford, UK, editor of the journal International Peacekeeping and the Cass Peacekeeping book series. He was a member of the ESRC-funded Transformation of War Economies team, edited Regeneration of War-torn Societies (2000), and co-authored War Economies in a Regional Context (2004). NEIL COOPER Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Security in the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, UK. His research interests include the arms trade, arms control and the political economy of civil conflicts. His recent publications include an edited special issue on war economies of Conflict, Security and Development, co-authorship of War Economies in a Regional Context: The Challenges of Transformation (2004) and articles in Security Dialogue; Contemporary Security Policy; Review of International Studies and Development and Change. MANDY TURNER Lecturer in the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, UK. She is assistant editor of International Peacekeeping and has published articles on peacebuilding, regulating the trade in conflict goods, diasporas and peacebuilding, and statebuilding in Palestine in Conflict, Security and Development, Democratization, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, The World Today and The Guardian.


Introduction; M.Pugh, N.Cooper and M.Turner PART I: THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF LIBERAL WAR AND PEACE The Political Economy of Peace Processes; J.Selby The Gendered Impact of Peace; D.Pankhurst Nationalism Versus Peacebuilding in Iraq; E.Herring PART II: TRADE Trading with Security: Trade Liberalization and Conflict; S.Willett Corporate Social Responsibility; S.Tripathi As Good as it Gets: Securing Diamonds in Sierra Leone; N.Cooper PART III: EMPLOYMENT From Waging War to Peace Work: Labour and Labour Markets; C.Cramer Employment, Labour Rights and Social Resistance; M.Pugh Securitizing the Economy of Reintegration in Liberia; K.Jennings PART IV: DIASPORAS Three Discourses on Diasporas and Peacebuilding; M.Turner Diaspora Engagement in Peacebuilding: Empirical and Theoretical Challenges; K.Bush Rwandese Diasporas and the Reconstruction of a Fragile Peace; R.Davies PART V: BORDERLANDS AND THE CARTOGRAPHY OF VIOLENT ECONOMIES War, Peace and the Places In Between: Why Borderlands are Central; J.Goodhand Microfinance and Borderlands: Impacts of Local Neoliberalism; M.Bateman Potential Difference: Internal Borderlands in Africa; S.Jackson PART VI: CIVIL SOCIETY Welfare and the Civil Peace: Poverty with Rights?; O.P.Richmond Peace Constituencies in Peacebuilding: The mesas de concertación in Guatemala; C.Mouly El Salvador: The Limits of a Violent Peace; M.Hume PART VII: GLOBAL GOVERNANCE Post-Conflict State-Building: Governance Without Government; D.Chandler The UN Peacebuilding Commission: The Rise and Fall of a Good Idea; M.Berdal Material Reproduction and Stateness in Bosnia and Herzegovina; B.Bliesemann de Guevara Conclusion: The Political Economy of Peacebuilding: Whose Peace? Where Next?; M.Pugh, N.Cooper and M.Turner

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