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The Oxford Handbook of Public Policy

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Oxford Handbooks of Political Science are the essential guide to the state of political science today. With engaging contributions... Lire la suite
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Oxford Handbooks of Political Science are the essential guide to the state of political science today. With engaging contributions from 55 major international scholars, the Oxford Handbook of Public Policy provides the key point of reference for anyone working in public policy and beyond.


Michael Moran is W.J.M. Mackenzie Professor of Government at the University of Manchester. Martin Rein is Professor in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Robert E. Goodin is Distinguished Professor of Social and Political Theory and Philosophy at the Research School of Social Sciences at Australian National University.

Public policy is the business end of political science. It is where theory meets practice in the pursuit of the public good. Political scientists approach public policy in myriad ways. Some approach the policy process descriptively, asking how the need for public intervention comes to be perceived, a policy response formulated, enacted, implemented, and, all too often, subverted, perverted, altered, or abandoned. Others approach public policy more prescriptively, offering politically-informed suggestions for how normatively valued goals can and should be pursued, either through particular policies or through alternative processes for making policy. Some offer their advice from the Olympian heights of detached academic observers, others as 'engaged scholars' cum advocates, while still others seek to instil more reflective attitudes among policy practitioners themselves toward their own practices. The Oxford Handbook of Public Policy mines all these traditions, using an innovative structure that responds to the very latest scholarship. Its chapters touch upon institutional and historical sources and analytical methods, how policy is made, how it is evaluated and how it is constrained. In these ways, the Handbook shows how the combined wisdom of political science as a whole can be brought to bear on political attempts to improve the human condition.


PART 1. INTRODUCTION; 1. The Public and its Policies; PART II. INSTITUTIONAL AND HISTORICAL BACKGROUND; 2. The Historical Roots of the Field; 3. Emergence of Schools of Public Policy; 4. Training for Policy-Makers; PART III. MODES OF POLICY ANALYSIS; 5. Policy Analysis as Puzzle-solving; 6. Policy Analysis as Critical Listening; 7. Policy Analysis as Policy Advice; 8. Policy Analysis for Democracy; 9. Policy Analysis as Social Critique; PART IV. PRODUCING PUBLIC POLICY; 10. The Origins of Policy; 11. Agenda Setting; 12. Policy Frame and Discourse; 13. Arguing, Bargaining, and Getting Agreement; 14. Policy Impact; 15. The Politics of Policy Evaluation; 16. Policy Dynamics; 17. Learning in Public Policy; 18. Reframing Problematic Policies; PART V. INSTRUMENTS OF POLICY; 19. Policy in Practice; 20. Policy Networks; 21. Smart Policy?; 22. The Tools of Government in the Information Age; 23. Policy Analysis as Organizational Analysis; 24. Public-Private Collaboration; PART VI. CONSTRAINTS ON PUBLIC POLICY; 25. Economic Constraints on Public Policy; 26. Political Feasibility: Interests and Power; 27. Institutional Constraints on Policy; 28. Social & Cultural Factors; 29. Globalization and Public Policy; PART VII. POLICY INTERVENTION: STYLES AND RATIONALES; 30. Distributive and Redistributive Policy; 31. Market and Non-Market Failures; 32. Privatization and Regulatory Regimes; 33. Democratizing the Policy Process; PART VIII. COMMENDING AND EVALUATING PUBLIC POLICIES; 34. The Logic of Appropriateness; 35. Ethical Dimensions of Public Policy; 36. Economic Techniques; 37. Economism and its Limits; 38. Policy Modeling; 39. Social Experimentation for Public Policy; IX. PUBLIC POLICY, OLD AND NEW; 40. The Unique Methodology of Policy Research; 41. Choosing Governance Systems: A Plea for Comparative Research; 42. The Politics of Retrenchment: the U.S. Case; 43. Reflections on how political scientists (and others) might think about energy and policy; 44. Reflections on Policy Analysis: Putting it Together Again

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