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The Literature of Al-Andalus

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The Literature of Al-Andalus explores the culture of Iberia adopting an interdisciplinary and comparative approach.Contenu List of... Lire la suite
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The Literature of Al-Andalus explores the culture of Iberia adopting an interdisciplinary and comparative approach.


List of illustrations; Notes on transliteration; 1. Visions of al-Andalus Maria Rosa Menocal; Madinat al-Zahra' and the Umayyad palace D. F. Ruggles; Part I. The Shapes of Culture: 2. Language Consuelo Lopez-Morillas; 3. Music Dwight Reynolds; 4. Spaces Jerrilynn D. Dodds; 5. Knowledge Peter Heath; 6. Love Michael Sells; The Great Mosque of Cordoba D. F. Ruggles; Part II. The Shapes of Literature: 7. The muwashshah Tova Rosen; 8. The maqama Rina Drory; 9. The qasida Beatrice Gruendler; The Aljaferia in Saragossa and Taifa spaces Cynthia Robinson; Part III. Andalusians: 10. Ibn Hazm Eric Ormsby; 11. Moses Ibn Ezra Raymond P. Scheindlin; 12. Judah Halevi Ross Brann; 13. Petrus Alfonsi Lourdes Maria Alvarez; 14. Ibn Quzman Amila Buturovic; 15. Ibn Zaydun Devin J. Stewart; 16. Ibn Tufayl Lenn Goodman; 17. Ibn 'Arabi Alexander Knysh; 18. Ramon Llull Gregory B. Stone; 19. Ibn al-Khatib Alexander Knysh; The dual heritage in Sicilian monuments D. F. Ruggles; Part IV. To Sicily: 20. Poetries of the Norman courts Karla Mallette; 21. Ibn Hamdis and the poetry of nostalgia William Granara; 22. Michael Scot and the translators Thomas E. Burman; Mudejar Teruel and Spanish identity D. F. Ruggles; Part V. Marriages and Exiles: 23. The Mozarabs H. D. Miller and Hanna E. Kassis; 24. The Arabized Jews Ross Brann; 25. The Sephardim Samuel G. Armistead; 26. The Moriscos Luce Lopez-Baralt; Part VI. To al-Andalus, Would She Return the Greeting: The Nuniyya (poem in N) of Ibn Zaydun; Index.

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Titre: The Literature of Al-Andalus
Code EAN: 9780521030236
ISBN: 978-0-521-03023-6
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Cambridge University Press
Genre: Linguistique et sciences de la littérature
nombre de pages: 520
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Année: 2006