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Disorders of Childhood

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Robin Hornik Parritz, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She received her undergrad... Lire la suite
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Robin Hornik Parritz, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Brandeis University in 1983, and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1989. Her research and clinical areas of interest include emotions and emotional development, developmental psychopathology, and programs designed to increase knowledge and decrease stigma related to mental illness. Dr. Parritz teaches Disorders of Childhood, Abnormal Psychology, Theories of Psychotherapy, Psychology of Emotion, and Clinical Psychology.

Michael Troy, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, Medical Director of Behavioral Health Services, and Associate Medical Director of the Neuroscience Institute at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. He received his undergraduate degree from Lawrence University in 1980 and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1988. He completed his internship and fellowship at Hennepin County Medical Center and has been on staff at Children's Hospital of Minnesota since 1988. Dr. Troy's clinical and academic interests include diagnostic classification issues in developmental psychopathology, models of therapeutic assessment, and teaching child clinical psychology as part of hospital and community medical education programs.

Written with the whole child in mind, this book discusses disorders in connection with the different stages of development, providing both a meaningful framework to promote learning. The authors emphasize multi-factor explanations of disorders as well as developmental frameworks and developmental pathwayspresenting disorders and sets of disorders in the order in which they typically appear in a child's life. They also focus on the child-in-context (calling attention to the multiple settings in which the child is embedded) and emphasize the importance of taking a broad view that considers the whole child and his or her patterns of interest, abilities, and strengths, rather than a narrow view of a disorder or developmental delay. As a result of this holistic approach, which reflects the most up-to-date understanding of child and adolescent psychopathology, readers learn to think about disorders in the same way that caring adults think about disorders they encounter every dayin terms of an individual child who is coping with distress and dysfunction.

1. Introduction. 2. Models of Child Development, Psychopathology, and Treatment. 3. Principles and Practices of Developmental Psychopathology. 4. Classification, Assessment and Diagnosis, and Intervention. 5. Disorders of Early Development. 6. Disorders of Attachment. 7. Intellectual Developmental Disorder and Learning Disorders. 8. Autism Spectrum Disorder. 9. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. 10. Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder. 11. Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Somatic Symptom Disorders. 12. Mood Disorders and Suicidality. 13. Maltreatment, and Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders. 14. Substance Use and Addictive Disorders. 15. Eating Disorders. Glossary. References. Name Index. Subject Index.

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Titre: Disorders of Childhood
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Année: 2013