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The Handbook of Life-Span Development

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Over the years, scholars of human development have been moving from studying change in humans within sharply defined periods, to a... Lire la suite
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Over the years, scholars of human development have been moving from studying change in humans within sharply defined periods, to analyzing this change over time and in relation to other processes. This title presents the study of human development conducted by the scholars in the 21st century.

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In the past fifty years, scholars of human development have been moving from studying change in humans within sharply defined periods, to analyzing this change over time and in relation to other processes. This two-volume set presents the study of human development conducted by the best scholars in the 21st century. Social workers, counselors, and public health workers will benefit from complete coverage of the biological, cognitive, social, and emotional aspects of human change across the lifespan.

VOLUME I: Cognition, Biology, and Methods. Handbook Preface Richard Tufts University. 1. Life Span: Concepts and Issues (Willis F.Overton Temple University). 2. Emphasizing Intraindividual Variability in the Study of Development over the Life Span (John R. Nesselroade The University of Virginia, Peter C. M. Molenaar The Pennsylvania State University). 3. What Life-Span Data do we really Need (John J. McArdle University of Southern California)? 4. Brain Development: An Overview (Philip David Zelazo and Wendy S. C. Lee University Minnesota). 5. Biology, Evolution and Psychological Development (Gary Greenberg Wichita State, Ty Partridge Wayne State University). 6. The Dynamic Development of Thinking, Feeling and Acting over the Life Span (Michael Mascalo Merrimack College, Kurt W. Fischer Harvard University). 7. Structure and Process in Life-Span Cognitive Development (Ellen Bialystok York University, Fergus I. M. Craik Rotman Research Institute). 8. Fluid Cognitive Abilities and General Intelligence: A Life-Span Neuroscience Perspective (Clancy Blair New York University). 9. Memory Development across the Lifespan (Peter A. Ornstein University of North Carolina, Leah L. Light Pitzer College). 10. The Development of Mental Processing (Andreas Demetriou University of Cyprus, Antigoni Mouyi Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, George Spanoudis University Cyprus). 11. The Development of Representation and Concepts Ulrich Müller University of Victoria, Timothy P. Racine Simon Fraser University). 12. The Development of Deductive Reasoning across the Life Span (Robert B. Ricco California State University at San Bernardino). 13. Development of Executive Function across the Life Span Sophie Jacques Dalhousie University, Stuart Marcovitch University of North Carolina at Greensboro). 14. Language Development (Brian MacWhinney Carnegie Mellon University). 15. Self-Regulation: The Integration of Cognition and Emotion (Megan M. McClelland Oregon State University, Claire Cameron Ponitz University of Virginia, Emily E. Messersmith University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Shauna Tominey Oregon State University). 16. The Development of Morality: Reasoning, Emotions, and Resistance (Elliot Turiel of California, Berkeley). 17. The Development of Social Understanding: A Relational Perspective (Jeremy I. M. Carpendale Simon Fraser University, Charlie Lewis Lancaster University). 18. The Emergence of Consciousness and Its Role in Human Development (Michael Lewis Institute for the Study of Child Development). 19. The Development of Knowing (Michael J. Chandler and Susan A. J. Birch The University of British Columbia). 20. Spatial Development (Marina Vasilyeva Boston College, Stella F. Lourenco Emory University). 21. Gesturing Across the Life Span (Susan Goldin-Meadow University of Chicago, Jana M.Iverson University of Pittsburgh). 22. Developmental Psychopathology - Self, Embodiment, Meaning: A Holistic-Systems Perspective (Sebastiano Santostefano Private Practice). 23. The Meaning of Wisdom and its Development throughout Life (Tzur M. Karelitz Education Development Center, Inc., Newton, MA, Linda Jarvin and Robert J. Sternberg Tufts University). 24. Thriving Across the Life Span (Matthew J. Bundick and David S. Yeager Stanford University, Pamela Ebstyne King Fuller Theological Seminary, William Damon Stanford University). VOLUME II: Social and Emotional Development. Handbook Preface (Richard M. Lerner Tufts University). 1. Introduction: Social and Emotional Development across the Life Span (Alexandra M. Freund University of Zurich, Michael Lamb University Cambridge). 2. Neurobiological Bases of Social Behavior across the Life Span (Stephen W. Porges and C. Sue Carter University of Illinois at Chicago). 3. The Development of Emotion Regulation: A Neuropsychological Perspective (Marc D. Lewis, Rebecca Todd, and Xiaowen Xu University of Toronto). 4. Dynamic Integration of Emotion and Cognition: Equilibrium Regulation and Development (Gisela Labouvie-Vief University of Geneva, Daniel Grühn North Carolina State University, Joseph Studer University of Geneva). 5. Self-Regulation across the Life Span (G. John Geldhof, Todd D. Little, and John Colombo University of Kansas). 6. Self and Identity across the Life Span (Dan P. McAdams and Keith S. Cox Northwestern University). 7. Temperament and Personality through the Life Span (John E. Bates, Alice C. Schermerhorn, and Jackson A. Goodnight Indiana University). 8. Life-Span Perspectives on Positive Personality Development in Adulthood and Old Age (Ursula M. Staudinger and Catherine Bowen Jacobs University Bremen). 9. Coping across the Life Span (Carolyn M. Aldwin Oregon State University, Loriena A.Yancura University of Hawai'i, Manoa, Daria K. Boeninger Arizona State University). 10. Gendered Behavior across the Life Span (Melissa Hines University of Cambridge). 11. Intimate Relationships across the Life Span (Lisa M. Diamond, Christopher P. Fagundes, and Molly R. Butterworth University of Utah). 12. Convoys of Social Relations: Integrating Life-Span and Life-Course Perspectives (Toni C. Antonucci University of Michigan, Katherine L. Fiori Adelphi University, Kira Birditt and Lisa M. H. Jackey University of Michigan). 13. Achievement Motives and Goals: A Developmental Analysis (Andrew J. Elliot University of Rochester, David E. Conroy The Pennsylvania State University, Kenneth E. Barron James Madison University, Kou Murayama Tokyo Institute of Technology). 14. Developmental Psychopathology (Dante Cicchetti University of Minnesota). 15. Developing Civic Engagement within a Civic Context Jonathan F. Zaff America's Promise Alliance (Daniel Hart Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Constance A. Flanagan The Pennsylvania State University, James Youniss Catholic University of America, Peter Levine Tufts University). 16. Religious and Spiritual Development across the Life Span: A Behavioral and Social Science Perspective (W. George Scarlett and Amy Evaw Warren Tufts University).

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