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Rediscovering Phenomenology

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Beyond their remarkable technical accomplishments, the new directions taken by the sciences in recent decades call for renewal of ... Lire la suite
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Beyond their remarkable technical accomplishments, the new directions taken by the sciences in recent decades call for renewal of their epistemological basis. The purpose of this book is to show that Husserl's transcendental phenomenology, if properly re-examined, provides the required framework for such an epistemology. This re-examination is both critical and constructive. (i) The absolute subjectivization or the full naturalization of consciousness must be rejected. (ii) The necessarily transcendental character of phenomenology is put to work in the search for a systematic connection between the modes of theoretical objectivation and the apprehension of the phenomenal world by intentional consciousness. A new look at some of the fundamental issues opened up by Husserl is thus suggested by recent advances in the theory of perception, attention, and the will; foundations of mathematics and formal logic; space-time or quantum physics.

A remarkable book which encompasses a coherent manifold of important subjects and central issues in the fields of the neurosciences, the phenomenology, the philosophy of mathematics, of logic and of mind

An original book which proposes a new phenomenological analysis of the questions of perception and cognition which are of paramount importance for a better understanding of those processes which underlies the formation of knowledge and consciousness

Contributes to elucidate the deep connection between the organization of the phenomenal world and the dynamical structures of perception and cognition.

Readers can find many clear arguments showing how a phenomenological perspective helps to deeply interpret most fundamental findings of current research in neurosciences and also in mathematical and physical sciences

A very original and unique feature: it puts phenomenology in the broad perspective of the most recent developments of philosophical reflection and science, and by rigorous comparative analysis demonstrates the profound interest of a renewed phenomenological approach to our current philosophical and scientific culture

INTRODUCTION by L. Boi, P. Kerszberg and F. Patras * CHAPTER I. Spatiality and the Phenomenology of Perception * Foreword by Luciano BOI. * Husserl and the Phenomenology of Attention by Bruce BÉGOUT. * Phénoménologie et méréologie de la perception spatiale, de Husserl aux théoriciens de la gestalt by Luciano BOI. * On the Relationship between Parts and Wholes in Husserl's Phenomenology by Ettore CASARI * Space and Movement. On Husserl's Geometry of the Visual Field by Giulio GIORELLO & Corrado SINIGAGLIA * Naturalized Volitions? Phenomenology opposing Brainphysiologically Based Rejections of Free Will by Sonja RINOFNER-KREIDL * CHAPTER II. Phenomenology and the Foundations of Natural Sciences. * Foreword by Pierre KERSZBERG. * Perseverance and Adjustment: On Weyl's Phenomenological Philosophy of Nature by Pierre KERSZBERG * Mathematical Concepts and Physical Objects by Giuseppe LONGO * Understanding Quantum Mechanics with Bohr and Husserl by François LURÇAT * CHAPTER III . Phenomenology, Logic, and Mathematics * Foreword by Frédéric PATRAS * Husserl between Formalism and Intuitionism by James DODD * The Two-sidedness and the Rationalistic Ideal of Formal Logic: Husserl and Gödel by Pierre CASSOU-NOGUÈS * Mettre les structures en mouvement: La phénoménologie et la dynamique de l'intuition conceptuelle. Sur la pertinence phénoménologique de la théorie des catégories by Jocelyn BENOIST * Pourquoi les nombres sont-ils « naturels » ? by Frédéric PATRAS * AUTHORS * INDEX NOMINUM *

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Titre: Rediscovering Phenomenology
Code EAN: 9789048174669
ISBN: 904817466X
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Springer Netherlands
nombre de pages: 408
Poids: 616g
Taille: H235mm x B155mm x T21mm
Année: 2010
Auflage: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2007

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