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Queering Paradigms VIII

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Queering Paradigms VIII brings together critical discourses on queer-feminist solidarity between Western, post-Soviet and post-soc... Lire la suite
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Queering Paradigms VIII brings together critical discourses on queer-feminist solidarity between Western, post-Soviet and post-socialist contexts. It highlights transnational solidarity efforts against homophobia, transphobia and misogyny. It celebrates the alliances and solidarities between activism, community building, art and culture.


Katharina Wiedlack is a post-doctoral researcher in the fields of queer and feminist theory, Popular Culture, American, Postsocialist, Decolonial and Disability Studies.

Saltanat Shoshanova is currently pursuing her Master's degree in History of Arts at the Free University Berlin. Her research interests include art in connection to queer and feminist theory, queer migration, decoloniality and post-Soviet space.

Masha Godovannaya is a visual artist, queer-feminist researcher, curator, educator, and she co-founded a queer-feminist affinity art group "Unwanted Organisation".


Contents Acknowledgments ix Katharina Wiedlack, Saltanat Shoshanova and Masha Godovannaya Introduction 1 Part I Queering Paradigms, Challenging the Western Gaze Katharina Wiedlack 1 Fucking Solidarity: 'Working Together' Through (Un)pleasant Feelings 21 Veda Popovici 2 Solidarity in Illegality: How the Corrupt East Is Already a Queer East 51 Nick Mayhew 3 Queering Sodomy: A Challenge to 'Traditional' Sexual Relations in Russia 77 nadiya chushak, Yulia Serdyukova and Irina Tantsiura 4 'We'll Be Fine, and You Just Hang in There': A Queer Critique of the Imperial Gaze in Gaycation Episode 'Ukraine' 97 vi Part II Local Queer Practices: Between Nationalistic and Global Discourses Lesia Pagulich 5 New Lovers...? As Patriots and Citizens: Thinking beyond Homonationalism and Promises of Freedom (the Ukrainian case) 125 Vanya Mark Solovey 6 'Global Standards' and 'Internalized Coloniality': How Feminists in Russia See the 'West' 153 Raili Uibo 7 Prides in Estonia: Struggling in the Centrifugal Pulls of Nationalism and Transnational Leveraged Pedagogy 175 Joanna Chojnicka 8 Transition Narratives on Polish Trans Blogs: A Discursive Colonization Approach 201 Part III The Solidarity 'Stress Test' -Solidarity in Action -Empirical Studies of Queer Migration and Western Solidarity Projects Elena Smirnova 9 Could You Show Me Chechnya on the Map? The Struggle for Solidarity within the Support Campaign for Homosexual Refugees from the North Caucasus in France 231 Pauliina Lukinmaa and Aleksandr Berezkin 10 Migrating Russian-speaking LGBTIQ+ Activists: On Displacement, Sense of Belonging and Transnational Activism 263 vii Masha Beketova 11 Working with Russian-speaking LGBTIQ Refugees in Berlin 291 Part IV Art-based Research, Artivism, and Other Forms of Resistance Alexandra Yaseneva and Ekaterina Davydova 12 Boston Marriages in Contemporary Russia and Beyond 319 the queer-feminist affinity art group 'unwanted organisation' 13 Queer Kinship or Queering Kinship: Starting Points, Methodological Speculations, Overcoming, Searching for Art Practices and Language - a Lecture-performance 333 14 The Fucking Solidarity Manifesto 351 Notes on Contributors 355 Index 361

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Titre: Queering Paradigms VIII
Code EAN: 9781788746793
ISBN: 1788746791
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Peter Lang
Genre: Sciences sociales, droit et économie
nombre de pages: 382
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Année: 2019
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