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With a Foreword by Ken YeangFrom 2008, for the first time in human history, half of the world's population now live in cities. Yet... Lire la suite
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With a Foreword by Ken Yeang

From 2008, for the first time in human history, half of the world's population now live in cities. Yet despite a wealth of literature on green architecture and planning, there is to date no single book which draws together theory from the full range of disciplines - from architecture, planning and ecology - which we must come to grips with if we are to design future cities which are genuinely sustainable.

Paul Downton's Ecopolis takes a major step along this path. It highlights the urgent need to understand the role of cities as both agents of change and means of survival, at a time when climate change has finally grabbed world attention, and it provides a framework for designing cities that integrates knowledge - both academic and practical - from a range of relevant disciplines.

Identifying key theorists, practitioners, places and philosophies, the book provides a solid theoretical context which introduces the concept of urban fractals, and goes on to present a series of design and planning tools for achieving Sustainable Human Ecological Development (SHED). Combining knowledge from diverse fields to present a synthesis of urban ecology, the book will provide a valuable resource for students, researchers and practitioners in architecture, construction, planning, geography and the traditional life sciences.

Perhaps the first book to deal with urban adaptation to rapid climate change on the basis of principles of ecologically sustainable development

Its transdisciplinary approach links climate change, urban ecology, architecture and city planning with significant historical texts, scientific research and popular cultural expression

Author's experience in the field

With a Foreword by Ken Yeang

With a Foreword by Ken Yeang

List of Figures & List of Tables.- Acknowledgments.- Preface.- Introduction The City Is My University.- 1. The Ground Plan. 1.1 The Idea of Ecopolis. 1.1.1 Projects and Praxis. 1.1.2 The Propositions. Proposition 1: CITY-REGION: City-regions determine the ecological parameters of civilisation. Proposition 2: INTEGRATED KNOWLEDGE: There is an imperative need to integrate extant knowledge. Proposition 3: CULTURAL CHANGE: Creation of an ecological civilisation requires conscious, systemic cultural change. Proposition 4: CULTURAL/URBAN FRACTALS: Demonstration projects provide the means to catalyse cultural change. 1.1.3 The Three Parts of the Dissertation. 1.2 The Purpose of Cities. 1.2.1 Defining Cities. 1.2.2 Types of Cities.- 2. An Epistemology for Urban Ecology. 2.1 An Heuristic Hybrid? 2.1.1 Hemisphericism and Sustainability. 2.1.2 Reconciliation of Urban and Non-urban Epistemologies. 2.1.3 Architecture, Cross-talk and Points of View. 2.1.4 City as Ecosystem. 2.1.5 Defining Urban Ecology. 2.2 Further Words on Architecture and Ecology. 2.2.1 Greening the Discourse. 2.3 Towards Sustainable Human Ecological Development. 2.4 Romantic Science. 2.4.1 Picking Flowers. 2.4.2 Objectivity, Subjectivity and the Third Way. 2.5 Adaptive Thinking and the Climates of Opinion. 2.5.1 Convenient Misrepresentations and Inconvenient Truths. 2.5.2 The Days After Tomorrow.- PART ONE: Ecopolitan CityScapes: Theory & Practice. A.1 People, Places and Philosophies.- 3. Architecture, Urbanism & Ecological Perspectives. 3.1 Points of view. 3.1.1 Antecedents and Antitheses. Gardens and Cities. Conservative or Conservationist. 3.2 Integration. 3.2.1 The Second Generation of Ecological Design. Four Ecological Phases of Human Existence. Three Urban Phases of Human Settlement. Mainstream sustainability. 3.2.2 Which Analysis? 3.2.3 Health, Technology and Ecology. 3.3 A Sense of Place. 3.3.1 Placing the Architectural Experience. Critical Regionalism. Growing from Place. Being Critical of Regionalism. Bioregionalism. Ecological Architecture. 3.4 Changing Places. 3.4.1 Architecture for a Changing Climate.- 4. Relevant Theorists. 4.1 Picture People Visionaries and Utopians. 4.1.1 Soleri Arcologies and Spiritual Complexification. 4.1.2 Register From Vegetable Cars to Ecocitology. 4.1.3 Fuller Geodesic Domes on Spaceship Earth. 4.1.4 Howard The Garden City. 4.1.5 Morris News From Nowhere. 4.1.6 Callenbach Ecotopia. 4.1.7 Wright Broadacre City. 4.2 Process People Understanding the Nature of Cities. 4.2.1 Geddes A View from the Outlook Tower. 4.2.2 Mumford Cities, Technology and the Green Matrix of Regionalism. 4.2.3 McHarg Designing With Nature. 4.2.4 Hough Cities as Natural Process. 4.2.5 Spirn In the Granite Garden. 4.2.6 Jacobs The Death and Life of Cities. 4.2.7 Fisk and Vittori Maximising the Potential of Building Systems. 4.2.8 New Alchemy and the Todds Bioshelters and Living Machines. 4.2.9 Biosphere 2 Off the Planet. 4.2.10 Berg and Sale The Bioregional Imperative. 4.2.11 Papanek Designing for the Real World. 4.2.12 Van der Ryn Ecological Architecture and Intellectual Coherence. 4.2.13 Yeang Architect and Bioclimatician. 4.2.14 Chinese and Russian Urban Ecologists Red Green. 4.3 Pattern People Putting the Pieces Together. 4.3.1 Alexander People, Patterns, Process and the Nature of Order. 4.3.2 Mollison The Productive Patterns of Permaculture. 4.3.3 Frampton Critical Regionalism. 4.3.4 Brand How Buildings Learn in the Long Now. 4.4 Pragmatic People Getting from 'Here' to 'There'. 4.4.1 Newman and Kenworthy Auto Dependence. 4.4.2 Engwicht Calming the Traffic. 4.4.3 T

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Titre: Ecopolis
Code EAN: 9781402084959
ISBN: 978-1-4020-8495-9
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Springer Netherlands
Genre: Art
nombre de pages: 607
Poids: 1172g
Taille: H34mm x B242mm x T163mm
Année: 2008
Auflage: 2009

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