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Texte du rabat Sometimes theological ideas are good topics for ongoing debate. Other times, the community of faith needs to come t... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

Sometimes theological ideas are good topics for ongoing debate. Other times, the community of faith needs to come to a decision: yes or no. Christian Reconstructionism offers the Christian church a basic approach to faith different from mainstream historic Christianity. Is their approach warranted? Or is it a fundamental distortion of the gospel? The present volume seeks to set out the case that Christian Reconstructionism is not a legitimate variation of Christian doctrine, but rather a serious misunderstanding of the gospel attested in Holy Scripture. First, an attempt is made to look at the basic ideas of Christian Reconstructionism. Rather than focusing on names and dates, the focus is on the set of ideas that characterize this view of Christianity. Second, a response is given to each of the main ideas. The response makes use of traditional Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox doctrine; but it is based primarily on careful exegesis of Scripture. The ultimate question is if Christian Reconstructionism is grounded in the Bible, or in a political ideology foreign to Scripture. An epilogue briefly points to a different way of seeing Christian involvement in contemporary, global society.

""Historians are not well positioned to offer firm theological conclusions about debated points in theology. But speaking as a historian, it is obvious that Christian Reconstruction, or Dominion Theology, has come to play a significant role in American life. To anyone it should be obvious that Paul McGlasson's response to this theology is clear, charitable, forceful, and biblical. McGlasson's effort to make the Christian gospel the center of his rejection of Dominion Theology makes this a particularly important book.""
--Mark A. Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

""Paul McGlasson's hard-hitting No! has convinced me that reconstructionism--with its mishmash of advocacy for a 'Christian America' characterized by Christian dominion, a mentality of Christian either/or with no compromise politically or culturally--has infected the political right and, worst of all, compromised the Christian gospel. McGlasson is fair but scathing in his biblically based, evangelical, and theologically well-informed critique. This book is a badly needed theological corrective. Reconstructionism? No!""
--William H. Willimon, Professor of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School

""Paul McGlasson's No! is in fact a profound 'Yes!' that affirms Jesus Christ as the center of the gospel's message. The 'No!' that he speaks is aimed at idols that we contrive to avoid the scandalous grace of Jesus Christ. McGlasson sees that it is not the Law or the nation-state or cultural prominence or even one's own faith that saves. To all of that one must say, 'No!' The One who welcomes sinners and eats with them does not make Pharisees but forgiven, free, and joyful saints.
--Thomas W. Currie, Dean, Union Presbyterian Seminary

""Paul McGlasson offers a penetrating analysis of a troubling but popular movement that seeks to reclaim America as a 'Christian' nation. In a style that is bold, ecumenical, and accessible, McGlasson uses Scripture and a wide array of Christian thinkers past and present to debunk this false vision of the church. This text belongs on the shelves of pastors and laypeople. It will help Christians discern the wheat from the chaff as they consider the proper relationship between faith and contemporary political life.""
--Mark Tranvik, Professor of Religion, Augsburg College

Paul McGlasson is pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Sullivan, Indiana. He received his MDiv from Yale Divinity School, and his PhD from Yale University in Systematic Theology. He is the author of several books, including God the Redeemer, Canon and Proclamation, and Invitation to Dogmatic Theology. Before entering the parish ministry, McGlasson taught theology for several years in college and seminary.

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