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Passion and Pedagogy

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For many years innovative educators have used the arts to enrich their students' classroom lives. Teachers who have integrate... Lire la suite
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For many years innovative educators have used the arts to enrich their students' classroom lives. Teachers who have integrated drama, music, dance, poetry, fiction, and the visual arts within their classrooms have witnessed the numerous ways in which the arts motivate children to learn. But while the powerful influence that the arts have had on children has been well researched and documented, the effect that the arts have had on teachers has been overlooked.
The essays within this volume are a collective celebration of the ways in which educators within numerous fields, and at all grade levels, have used the arts and creativity to sustain their passion for teaching. The editors of Passion and Pedagogy have selected essays that bring readers into classrooms where pioneering practices enable teachers to grow, to create personal identities, and to feel empowered through the construction of dynamic partnerships with their students. Dialogues that precede each chapter were designed to bring authors' voices to a diverse set of writings that investigate new forms of creativity within the postmodern teacher's repertoire, the development of reflective and artistic classroom curricula, and the inclusion of gender, identity and multiple ways of knowing within educational theory and practice.


The Editors: Elijah Mirochnik is Assistant Professor in the Creative Arts in Learning Division at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He received his Ph.D. in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley. His numerous innovative and experimental curriculum designs have been informed by his research in the areas of interracial and intercultural classroom collaboration, art as research, teacher identity and practice, and artistic expression as social responsibility. He is the author of Teaching in the First Person: Understanding Voice and Vocabulary in Learning Relationships (Peter Lang, 2000).
Debora C. Sherman is Professor Emerita at Lesley University. She has used her background in history and fine art to inform both her classroom teaching and her work as a reading specialist at the preschool through grade twelve levels. Her fields of interest include adult literacy, learning, and teacher education at undergraduate and graduate levels. She has worked with public service agencies and corporations as a communications consultant. Her current areas of research include educational philosophy and perspectives and adult development, curriculum development, mentoring, educational reform, supervision and development of teachers, and doctoral level writing.

"Each essay [in this book] - whether dealing with teacher identity, the arts across the curriculum, story-telling, the making of meaning - begins in a person-to-person conversation between one or another of the talented editors and the writer (or writers) of individual essays. Those conversations and the play of many voices open to a fascinating exploration of approaches to teaching grounded in live experiences and the actualities of practice. This is a remarkable collection: a symposium on experimental, existential, and constructivist themes that unlocks many doors to unexpected possibilities." (Maxine Greene, Teachers College, Columbia University)
"Plays, poems, interviews, and everywhere in the first person singular! This collection performs the artistry it so passionately promotes." (William F. Pinar, St. Bernard Parish Alumni Endowed Professor, Louisiana State University)


Contents: Martha McKenna: The Lesley University Series in Arts and Education - Debora C. Sherman: Come to Dinner: An Invitation to a Party - Elijah Mirochnik: The Possibilities of Passion - William Ayers: Creating the Teacher and Changing the World - Cecelia Baldwin: The Telling of Racism - Narratives for Healing and Change - Tom Barone: Who Cares? A Play about Passion in Teaching and in the Researching of Teaching - C. T. Patrick Diamond and Carol Mullen: Experimenting with Postmodernism: The New 'Gothic' in Arts-Based Pedagogy, Inquiry, and Teacher Development - Mary Aswell Doll: I Teach, Therefore I Am - William E. Doll, Jr.: Beyond Methods? Teaching as an Aesthetic and Spiritful Quest - Susan H. Gere, Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand, and Rick Reinkraut: Constructing the Sacred: Empathic Engagement, Aesthetic Regard, and Discernment in Clinical Teaching - Lynne Hamer, Sandra Spickard Prettyman, Lynette Brown, Olga Rybalkina, Shirley Mthethwa-Sommers, and Mary Ann Bell: Collaborative Learning and Improvisation: Our Storied Experience - George E. Hein: The Challenge of Constructivist Teaching - Victoria R. Jacobs, Merryl R. Goldberg, and Tom R. Bennett: Uncovering an Artistic Identity While Learning to Teach Through the Arts - Patricia James: Images, Movements, and Sounds: Working Toward Meaning - Jean L. Konzal, Susan Finley, and Kelli Jo Kerry Moran: Transforming Experience: Readers' Theater as Pedagogy (A Readers' Theater Script in Three Parts) - Warren Linds: 'Taking Care' as a Pedagogue/Actor/Son in a Theater/Drama Process - Rebecca Luce-Kapler: The Breath of Interpreting Moments - Susan Martin: The Intertwining of Voice and Structure: Reflections on Teaching and Learning - Margery D. Osborne and David J. Brady: Imagining the New: Constructing a Space for Creativity in Science - Carol Philips: Becoming My Own Juliet: Teacher Transformation through Acting Shakespeare - Mary Clare Powell: Why I Send the Poet to Teach My Courses - Rosalie M. Romano: A Pedagogy that Presupposes Passion - Janice Ross: The Dance Critic, the Classroom, and the Re-Education of Perception - Mary Kay Rummel and Elizabeth P. Quintero: Reading and Art in the Lives of Teachers - Karen Covington Soul: Multi-Genre Case Studies - Kim Stafford: The Favorite Song - Audrey Thompson: Entertaining Doubts: Enjoyment and Ambiguity in White, Antiracist Classrooms - Gwendolyn Yoppolo: Finding Center and Balancing There: Spirals of Change in Art and Teaching.

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