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Military Psychology

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Texte du rabat The discipline of military psychology involves the systematic and scientific study of the selection, training, adap... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

The discipline of military psychology involves the systematic and scientific study of the selection, training, adaptation, and performance of soldiers. Military psychology, by necessity, is a heterogeneous field of inquiry. On the one hand, it draws on all subdisciplines of psychology to understand the variables that affect soldier performance while on the other hand, lessons learned from military psychology are of vital importance to all areas of psychology.

The purpose of this collection of readings is to capture significant developments from military psychology that are of general interest and importance to all psychologists and to promote understanding in human behaviour in challenging contexts.

Volume One: Selection, Training and Performance captures significant advances in how soldiers are selected, assigned, and trained.

Volume Two: Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology includes topics of human factors engineering, cognitive engineering, ergonomics, situational awareness and soldier performance.

Volume Three: Stress and Resilience focuses on classic and contemporary studies of combat stress and its consequences.

Volume Four: Leadership, Culture and Morale advances the understanding of leading people in the contexts of dangerous environments.

Capturing the significant developments within military psychology, this set is valuable to all psychologists in promoting understanding of human behaviour in challenging contexts.


VOLUME ONE: SELECTION, TRAINING AND PERFORMANCE PART ONE: AN HISTORICAL OVERVIEW OF PSYCHOLOGY AND THE MILITARY Psychology in Relation to the War - Robert Yerkes Military Psychology in War and Peace - Walter Bingham Psychology and the Military - James Driskell and Beckett Olmstead Research Applications and Trends PART TWO: SELECTION AND CLASSIFICATION Are Smart Tankers Better? - Barry Scribner et al AFQT and Military A Productivity Soldier Quality and Job Performance in Team Tasks - Judith Fernandez An Empirical Method of Determining Employee Competencies/KSAOs from Task-Based Job Analysis - Richard Goffin and David Woycheshin An Overview of the Army Selection and Classification Project (Project A) - John Campbell Criterion-Related Validities of Personality Constructs and the Effect of Response Distortion on Those Validities - Leaetta Hough et al The ECAT Battery - David Alderton, John Wolfe and Gerald Larson Predicting Military Performance from Specific Personality Measures - Reyhan Bilgiç and Canan S mer A Validity Study PART THREE: TRAINING AND TEAMS Military Training and Principles of Learning - Robert Gagne Retention of Military Tasks - Joseph Hagman and Andrew Rose A Review Training Evaluation in the Military - Eduardo Salas, Laura Milham and Clint Bowers Misconceptions, Opportunities and Challenges The Effectiveness of Distributed Mission Training - Herbert Bell Effects of Crew Composition on Crew Performance - Aharon Tziner and Dov Eden Does the Whole Equal the Sum of Its Parts? Measuring Platoon Leader Situation Awareness in a Virtual Decision-Making Exercise - Laura Strater et al VOLUME TWO: APPLIED EXPERIMENTAL AND ENGINEERING PSYCHOLOGY PART ONE: PILOT PERFORMANCE/AVIATION HFE PILOT Prediction of Situational Awareness in F-15 Pilots - Thomas Caretta, David Perry Jr and Malcolm James Ree The Effects of 37 Hours of Continuous Wakefulness on the Physiological Arousal, Cognitive Performance, Self-Reported Mood and Simulator Flight Performance of F-117A Pilots - John Caldwell et al Are Individual Differences in Fatigue Vulnerability Related to Baseline Differences in Cortical Activation? - John Caldwell et al Pilot Error and Its Relationship with Higher Organizational Levels - Wen-Chin Li and Don Harris HFACS Analysis of 523 Accidents The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Flight Performance, Instrument Scanning and Physiological Arousal in Pilots - Fred Previc et al PART TWO: SITUATION AWARENESS/DECISION-MAKING Decision-Making in Complex Naval Command-and-Control Environments - George Kaempf et al Differences in Expert and Novice Situation Awareness in Naturalistic Decision-Making - Josephine Randel, H. Lauren Pugh and Stephen Reed Situation Awareness Requirements for Infantry Platoon Leaders - Michael Matthews, Laura Strater and Mica Endsley Verification of the Change Blindness Phenomenon While Managing Critical Events on a Combat Information Display - Joseph DiVita et al The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Information-Integration Categorization - W. Todd Maddox et al Decisions, Decisions... and Even More Decisions - Paul Salmon et al Evaluation of a Digitized Mission Support System in the Land Warfare Domain PART THREE: WORKLOAD/DISPLAYS Information Complexity - E. Svensson et al Mental Workload and Performance in Combat Aircraft Workload Issues in Military Tactical Airlift - Michael Skinner and Peter Simpson Head up versus Head down - Michelle Yeh et al The Costs of Imprecision, Unreliability and Visual Clutter on Cue Effectiveness for Display Signaling Cross-Modal Congruency Benefits for Combined Tactile and Visual Signaling - James Merlo, Aaron Duley and Peter Hancock PART FOUR: ROBOTICS/AUTOMATION Developing Operator Capacity Estimates for Supervisory Control of Autonomous Vehicles - Mary Cummings and Stephanie Guerlain Effects of Imperfect Automation and Individual Differences on Concurrent Performance of Military and Robotics Tasks in a Simulated Multitasking Environment - Jessie Chen and Peter Terrence VOLUME THREE: STRESS AND RESILIENCE PART ONE: CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY/COMBAT STRESS/PTSD Comprehensive Soldier Fitness - Rhonda Cornum, Michael Matthews and Martin Seligman Building Resilience in a Challenging Institutional Context A 20-Year Follow-up War Syndromes and Their Evaluations - Kenneth Hyams, Stephen Wignall and Robert Roswell From the U.S. Civil War to the Persian Gulf War Post-Traumatic Stress and Associated Disorders among Vietnam Veterans - Joseph Boscarino The Significance of Combat Exposure and Social Support Pre-Deployment Personality Traits and Exposure to Trauma as Predictors of Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms - Inge Bramson, Anja Dirkzwager and Henk van der Ploeg A Prospective Study of Former Peacekeepers PART TWO : RESILIENCE Character Strengths and Virtues of Developing Military Leaders - Michael Matthews et al An International Comparison Hardiness Protects against War-Related Stress in Army Reserve Forces - Paul Bartone Relevance of Hardiness Assessment and Training to the Military Context - Salvatore Maddi Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a National Sample of Female and Male Vietnam Veterans - Daniel King et al Risk Factors, War-Zone Stressors and Resilience-Recovery Variables Self-Enhancement among High-Exposure Survivors of the September 11 Terrorist Attack - George Bonanno, Courtney Rennicke and Sharon Dekel Resilience or Social Maladjustment? Master Resilience Training in the U.S. Army - Karen Reivich, Martin Seligman and Sharon McBride PART THREE: POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH Vulnerability and Resilience to Combat Exposure - Carolyn Aldwin, Michael Levenson and Avron Spiro III Can Stress Have Lifelong Effects? Post-Traumatic Growth in Former Vietnam Prisoners of War - Adriana Feder et al Post-Traumatic Growth after War - Steve Powell et al A Study with Former Refugees and Displaced People in Sarajevo Post-Traumatic Growth among Gulf War I Veterans - Shira Maguen et al The Predictive Role of Deployment-Related Experiences and Background Characteristics Positive Emotions in Traumatic Conditions - Laura Riolli, Victor Savicki and Everett Spain Mediation of Appraisal and Mood for Military Personnel Toward a Positive Military Psychology - Michael Matthews VOLUME FOUR: LEADERSHIP, CULTURE AND MORALE PART ONE: LEADERSHIP The Capacity to Lead - Micha Popper et al Major Psychological Differences between Leaders and Non-Leaders Big Five Personality Factors, Hardiness and Social Judgment as Predictors of Leader Performance - Paul Bartone et al Predicting Unit Performance by Assessing Transformational and Transactional Leadership - Bernard Bass et al Strategic Leader Readiness and Competencies for Asymmetric Warfare - Thomas Williams Military Leadership - Leonard Wong, Paul Bliese and Dennis McGurk A Context-Specific Review Growing Strategic Leaders for Future Conflict - Barak Salmoni et al Do Soldiers Re-Evaluate Trust in Their Leaders Prior to Combat Operations? - Patrick Sweeney A Framework for Examining Leadership in Extreme Contexts - Sean Hannah et al How Leaders Can Influence the Impact That Stressors Have on Soldiers - Thomas Britt et al Leadership and Social Identification in Military Units - Boas Shamir et al Direct and Indirect Relationships PART TWO: CULTURE AND MORALE Warriors in Combat - Rune Henriksen What Makes People Actively Fight in Combat? 'Panic' - Joseph Bendersky The Impact of Le Bon's Crowd Psychology on U.S. Military Thought Group Cohesion, Culture and Practice - Charles Kirke Psychological Climate, Organizational Commitment and Morale - Krista Langkamer and Kelly Ervin Implications for Army Captains' Career Intent Leadership Team Cohesion and Subordinate Work Unit Morale and Performance - Fred Mael and Cathie Alderks The Military and the Family as Greedy Institutions - Mady Wechsler Segal The Impact of Military Lifestyle Demands on Well-Being, Army and Family Outcomes - Lolita Burrell et al Quality of Life in the U.S. Navy - Gerry Wilcove, Michael Schwerin and Tracy Kline Impact on Performance and Career Intentions

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Titre: Military Psychology
Code EAN: 9780857025203
ISBN: 978-0-85702-520-3
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: SAGE Publications Ltd
Genre: Psychologie
nombre de pages: 1496
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Année: 2011
Auflage: Four-Volume Set.


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