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Arguing with People

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Michael A. Gilbert is Professor of Philosophy at York University and author of several books, including How to Win an Argument an... Lire la suite
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Michael A. Gilbert is Professor of Philosophy at York University and author of several books, including How to Win an Argument and Coalescent Argumentation, as well as the novels Office Party and Yellow Angel.

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In Arguing with People, Michael A. Gilbert shows how recent developments in the field of Argumentation Theory have bearing on the arguments we encounter in everyday life. Research that had previously been restricted to scholarly journals and monographs is made accessible and, more importantly, useful to the reader. Gilbert emphasises the value of understanding context, understanding who you are arguing with and knowing how to use that information to fruitfully settle disagreements. This book expands the argumentative toolkit and shows how often-neglected skills such as empathy and tone can be applied to the hurly-burly contexts of real arguing. Interesting examples and sample dialogues are provided to demonstrate tangible ways in which the book's lessons can be applied. Partner exercises provide opportunities to role-play and practise the interpersonal skills developed throughout the book.

A critical thinking text that makes new developments in communications and psychology applicable to real arguments with real people.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: All About Arguments
  • 1. About Arguments
  • 2. The Stages of Argument
  • 3. Kinds of Argument
  • 4. Polemics vs. Argument
  • Chapter 2: All About Arguers
  • 1. Who Do We Argue With?
  • 2. Argument Modes
  • 3. Coalescence
  • 4. Argumentativeness and Aggressivity
  • 5. Gender and Argument
  • Chapter 3: Arguing with People
  • 1. Heuristic, Ethos, Audience
  • 2. Watching the Process
  • 3. The most Important Belief You Can Have
  • 4. Descriptive vs. Normative
  • 5. The Rules
  • 6. Coalescent Argument
  • 7. Arguing Well
  • Exercises
  • Bibliography

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Titre: Arguing with People
Code EAN: 9781554811700
ISBN: 978-1-55481-170-0
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Broadview Press
Genre: Médias et communication
nombre de pages: 144
Poids: g
Taille: H229mm x B152mm x T7mm
Année: 2014


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